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Dr Disrespect and TSM Halifax create perfect Call of Duty MMO concept

Published: 8/May/2020 20:44 Updated: 4/Mar/2021 14:34

by Theo Salaun


In a recent battle royale stream, Dr Disrespect and TSM’s Halifax and Viss brainstormed an intriguing MMO battle royale concept that could be perfect for Call of Duty.

The popular Triple Threat Challenge requires that you win a game of trios in Call of Duty: Warzone, Apex Legends, and PUBG. By the time Dr Disrespect, Halifax and Viss were on the third prong of their challenge, securing a win in PUBG, they had begun conceptualizing a new battle royale mode that incorporated MMO elements.

After Halifax brought up the idea of a battle royale with gun game features, the Doc jumped right at the idea: “That would be sick. I think Call of Duty could do that.”


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The concept is simple enough: Halifax’s first interest is to “try a battle royale that has gun game, like you just level up your guns by getting kills.” This makes sense since it would remove the RNG aspect of gun loot and even the playing field at the game’s start, before simply rewarding players for effective aggression.

Aside from leveling up your pistol before you reach “an SMG, go to an AR, then you get an AR and a sniper,” Halifax also suggested that “maybe you can put points into armor or another weapon.”

This would allow players to build out toward their own preferred playstyle without needing to rely on the indiscriminate luck of loot crates and loadouts. As Viss elaborated, based on your kills you could be able to “level yourself up as if it was like an MMO.”


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The concept is actually quite intriguing and would make for a cool experiment that Infinity Ward could implement instead of some of the modes their community has been less excited about. 

Warzone Solos, in particular, has become incredibly campy recently—with players deploying, finding a gun, and immediately hiding near an unopened crate on the second floor of a building in anticipation of an easy kill. 

Not only would implementing this equalized and leveling-up system be a fun innovation on its own—but it could also impact player tendencies. Without loot to rely on and with the incentive to secure kills, players would be more eager to seek out gunfights knowing that it’s their best way to improve their kit.


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Most recently, a similar mechanic was introduced to Apex Legends—in which players who obtain an Evo Shield are able to level that shield up by dealing damage to opponents. Feedback has been widely positive, with professional players recently running the shield in the latest Apex Legends Global Series tournaments.

Hopefully, Doc and the boys’ concept makes it to Infinity Ward’s radar, because this could be a very fun concept to flesh out and begin experimenting within limited playlists.