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Dr DisRespect’s new Blackout meta shows how to deal with Level 3 Armor

Published: 18/Oct/2018 13:44 Updated: 18/Oct/2018 13:48

by Matt Porter


Popular Twitch streamer and leader of the Champions Club Dr DisRespect has revealed a new Blackout meta that will help you deal with enemies who are running Level 3 armor.

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The Doc found himself in a 1v1 battle at the end of an intense game of Blackout, when instead of using an assault rifle or a submachine gun, Dr DisRespect pulled out a shotgun.

With three hits from the MOG 12 shotgun, the back to back 1993 and 1994 Blockbuster Video Gaming Champion secured his victory over a foe that was running Level 3 armor.

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“It’s a brand new meta,” screamed The Doc in delight. “Brand new meta. I think it’s a new meta. It’s a shotgun and SDM combination.”


While Dr DisRespect was clearly pleased with his efforts, he admitted that he couldn’t take all the credit for his new strategy. “Kraftyy handed down that knowledge to me, so got to give credit to Kraftyy. Firm handshakes in the chat for Kraftyy,” stated The Doc.

“It’s a hell of a formula and boy oh boy, is it pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty effective,” concluded the Two-Time.

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The self-proclaimed ‘Face of Twitch’ has been in fine form since the release of Blackout, and even appeared to be possessed by a demon during a game last week.


Dr DisRespect has also challenged fellow streamer Summit1g on Blackout, after the fromer Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro claimed he would be able to defeat The Doc in a game of the battle royale mode.