DooM Clan face backlash after being accused of cheating in the race to Black Ops 4 master prestige - Dexerto
Call of Duty

DooM Clan face backlash after being accused of cheating in the race to Black Ops 4 master prestige

Published: 17/Oct/2018 17:56 Updated: 18/Oct/2018 9:57

by Calum Patterson


Popular gaming entertainment organization ‘DooM Clan’ have been accused of cheating their way to become the first account to hit master prestige in Black Ops 4.

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Every year with the release of a new Call of Duty title, Activision launches #TheRace campaign, this year renamed to #CODNation Challenge, which pits players (typically in groups) against each other to rank up an account to master prestige in the least time.

The campaign is promotional for Call of Duty, but also serves to raise money for Activision’s ‘Call of Duty Endowment’ charity, which helps US veterans.

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DooM Clan are said to have won #TheRace for four successive years, and Black Ops 4 would be their fifth, but there is dispute among fans whether their entry should stand.

Fans immediately began to accuse the organization of playing before the embargo with an early copy of the game, and also using 2XP codes, perhaps even finding and using a 2XP glitch.

They are also accused of not streaming the entirety of their play time, which is enforced in order to prevent any confusion over who are deserved winners.

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DooM Clan member ‘TrapGod’ explained that “we live streamed till we got first masters, that’s it, nothing more, nothing less.”


“They can say whatever we want, what we did this year is went for world’s first master prestige in CoD. We turned the stream on when we were legally allowed to stream at 6am.”

Rival organization ‘No Remorse’ have laid claim to be the rightful winners, having started after the embargo was lifted and not using 2XP. A No Remorse member told Dexerto:

“No Remorse [have] the world’s fastest to master prestige, all streamed starting from embargo lift. Unlike teams starting before and not finishing faster than us.”

It is likely the dispute will never truly be resolved, as DooM Clan are standing by their record.