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David Vonderhaar reveals brand new details about Blackout – custom games, map changes, Level 3 Armor, and more!

Published: 21/Sep/2018 23:50 Updated: 21/Sep/2018 23:52

by Albert Petrosyan


With the Call of Duty community awaiting the release of Black Ops 4, new details have been revealed about its new Blackout battle royale mode.

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In an interview with GameInformer, Treyarch Studio Design Director David Vonderhaar spoke at-length about various features and possible new content that could be coming to Blackout after it’s released. 

The interview covered a variety of topics, such as custom games, map changes, character skins, Level 3 Armor, leveling up, and ranked play. 

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Custom Games

With many players wondering if Treyarch will implement private matches into Blackout, it appears that custom games will not be available anytime soon.


However, Vonderhaar did reveal that the developers have a “vision” for custom matches and “hope” to be able to get them in the game at some point.

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Map Changes

Vonderhaar has confirmed that changes and updates will be made to the Blackout map in the future: “I cannot announce the plans for the future of the map. I can tell you that there are plans for the future of the map. I went through them in detail 2 days ago and they’re sick, and I can’t wait.”

One area that is likely to be changes is the ocean area, since Vonderhaar was heard saying “there’s a lot of open ocean out there.”


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Character Skins

Character skins will be added to Blackout at launch, confirming that cosmetic items will have a presence in the game.

No other cosmetic items have been confirmed as of yet, and there are still no details on how micro-transactions will work in Blackout. 

Leveling Up

Blackout will have a total of 80 levels, and players will need to get kills and finish in the top-10 in order to level up.

Players will not be able to prestige, meaning that 80 will be the max level. According to Vonderhaar, there will be a “grand daddy of the prizes” and prizes “along the way.”


Level 3 Armor

Level 3 Armor has been on the most debated and discussed in-game item among Blackout players, and Treyarch made several changes to it throughout the beta period.

Vonderhaar has said that further changes could be made to Level 3 Armor, especially with end-game situations in mind. 

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However, the studio has decided that they will NOT remove Level 3 Armor since it would be “the wrong call.” 

Ranked Play

It has been officially confirmed that ranked play will not be in Blackout. Treyarch envision there to be “crazy tournament stuff” for the mode, but they do not want to implement Multiplayer style ranked system.


GameInformer’s full interview with David Vonderhaar can be viewed in its entirety below