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Crimsix reveals he issued cease & desist to Huke after Dallas Empire controversy

Published: 25/Jun/2021 11:28

by Jacob Hale


In the aftermath of Cuyler ‘Huke’ Garland’s controversial exit from the Dallas Empire, and his subsequent struggles on LA Thieves, Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter has revealed he’s issued a cease & desist notice to “both Garlands” — assumed to be Huke and his brother.

Huke’s departure from Dallas Empire came as a huge surprise to the community. After becoming world champions together in 2020 and insane form in Stage 1 of the 2021 CDL season, many believed their subsequent struggles could easily be fixed.

Instead, Huke was benched and LA Thieves were quick to snap him up. Again, though, he was benched by them, and later released a video discussing the struggles he had faced in recent years, including winning Champs while using Adderall.


Since Dallas dropped him, much of the community sentiment has shifted to resentment or misunderstanding towards Crimsix and the Empire, but now it’s even becoming a legal issue for them, and not just an in-game one.

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Huke was a huge star for the Dallas Empire, but things haven’t ended how the team would have liked.

Crimsix has promised to post a video explaining the Huke situation after it brought the reputation of him and his teammates into disrepute. Huke alleged that they were talking about him to other pros and making unfounded allegations against him, including that he was “on psychedelics.”

While fans wait for that video, though, Crimsix took to Reddit to speak a little more about the situation.


“I had buddies in different communities outside of gaming hear about the video,” he said. “Friends from back home texted me about Cuyler’s vid who don’t even game. I’m already 4hrs deep compiling my thoughts on paper, and two cease and desist legal notices in (to both Garlands).”

Under what grounds Crimsix has issued these cease and desist letters is unclear, but it definitely makes things far more interesting.

We’ll be sure to provide any updates when Crim releases his video and, hopefully, provides more details on the cease & desist, and his side of this constantly evolving story.