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Crimsix promises to expose Huke’s “lies” after CDL Stage 4 Major

Published: 16/Jun/2021 4:14 Updated: 16/Jun/2021 4:15

by Bill Cooney


Dallas Empire star Crimsix promised to “address” the situation surrounding former teammate Cuyler ‘Huke’ Garland after he posted a video discussing Adderall use.

One of the biggest CoD esports stories in recent weeks has been the situation surrounding Huke after he opened up about his Adderall use at the height of his career and the reckoning he faced at Dallas Empire and LA Thieves while trying to recover.

In the video, he claims he was benched by the Empire while getting off of the drug, before eventually being signed to the LA Thieves. Apparently, Huke’s side of things doesn’t jive with what Crimsix has to say on the situation, and according to the Dallas star, his side will be made clear following the Stage 4 Major.


“I was willing to take the flak from everyone if the other option was explaining our decision in detail and potentially ruining Cuyler’s chance of getting on another CDL team,” Crim wrote. “But there comes a point where you need to stick up for yourself and for the sake of your team.”

After seeking some “appropriate” advice, Crimsix said he’d be addressing the controversial roster decision Huke referenced in his video following the Stage 4 Major.

“Upon seeking advice from people I respect in the gaming community, public relations, and legal entities,” he continued. “I will be addressing the decisions we’ve made regarding our roster changes with Huke sometime next week after the major.”


So, while there’s a whole weekend’s worth of action coming up, a lot of fans will now be looking forward to after things wrap up to see Crimsix and Empire’s side of the whole Huke situation.

Dallas Empire's Huke playing on stage
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Huke was an instrumental part of the Empire’s success in past CDL seasons before being cut from the team.

There’s no denying Huke was a key component for Dallas when the team won the 2020 CDL Championship, and a lot of fans were unhappy to see him go, but it definitely seems now there was more going on behind the curtains than was let on at the time.

Expanding on his side of the story a little further, Crimsix jumped into a Twitch stream and called out Huke for not telling the truth.


“You believe me if I said we asked if Cuyler was okay thousands of times?” Crim asked in chat. “If that’s true, why did he never once [say] that in the vid?”

“So he lied that you guys never talked to him,” a viewer followed up. “Correct,” Crimsix replied.

Crimsix in Twitch chat
Everything Crimsix said on Twitch following his Twitter announcement.

“I literally almost crashed my porsche going outta my way to call him,” he added. “Think about that. I almost got physically injured, ruined one of my passions outside of gaming, took a financial hit, just to make sure he was okay. That was only once outta at least 50+ times.”


We’ll be sure to update you with whatever Crimsix and the Empire say about Huke, as soon as they say it. In the meantime though, be sure to check out our official CDL Stage 4 Masters Hub as games kick off on Thursday, June 17.