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Crimsix’s hilarious CDL Major challenge that nobody saw coming

Published: 13/Mar/2021 18:00 Updated: 15/Mar/2021 11:11

by Ava Thompson-Powell


In our new show, Reverse Sweep, hosted by Katie Bedford, Ian ‘Enable’ Wyatt, and Jonathan ‘Pacman’ Tucker, the three sit down to discuss the ins and outs of the Call of Duty League. One player’s standout moment during the CDL Stage 1 Major had them roaring with laughter.
Stage 1 Major’s Empire vs Subliners grudge match saw Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter coming in off of the top rope to give opposition James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks a heat check. The question, though, is: can anyone top this ego challenge in Cold War?
One of Pacman’s standout highlights from the event, the play saw the pair saw themselves battling it out in a 1v1 in Control, something that he notes “almost never happens” in the way that it did.
“Crim could have done anything that he wanted to do on the map, any decision he wanted to make, he had tonnes of time to make the decision. He decided to go up in the plane, and he saw Clay, and just flew out.”
In an incredible feat that saw Crimsix go for the big guns, and ultimately fail, it still definitely made a lasting impression.
For Enable, the play was a bold move, more akin to something he himself would be more likely to take with 30 seconds ticking down on the timer.
The move will definitely go down in history, though, as it’s something Enable “has never seen anyone do.”

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