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Crimsix and Kenny get into heated argument after OpTic beats 100 Thieves

Published: 9/Nov/2018 10:06 Updated: 9/Nov/2018 10:44

by Matt Porter


There was a heated back-and-forth between OpTic Gaming star Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter and Kenny ‘Kenny’ Williams on Twitter after 100 Thieves fell to the Greenwall in scrims on Thursday, November 8.

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In the moments after the conclusion of the scrim, which OpTic won 6-1 on map count, Crimsix sent a tweet to Williams, stating: “Keep grinding little guy, you’ll get it!”

Kenny was clearly not impressed by Porter’s comments, firing back by telling him not to “get too hyped over online, we saw what happened last year,” referencing his successful spell as part of Team Kaliber during a season in which OpTic failed to win any championships.


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Porter responded that while he was aware it was only a scrim, he had heard that Kenny had been trash talking OpTic on stream, even going as far as saying: “Fuck the fans,” – a claim that Williams immediately rejected, clarifying that he only trolled OpTic fans who came into his Twitch chat to gloat.

Crimsix conceded he may have been mistaken, stating that he believed he saw a comment on the Competitive CoD Reddit.

Kenny’s teammate Austin ‘SlasheR’ Liddicoat felt that Crimsix should have confirmed Williams had made the comments before he came at him on Twitter, saying: “So you just believed some random thing on the internet and then came at him, without even checking to make sure he said it? Your fanbase instantly believes anything you guys say, come on.”


In the end, 100 Thieves CEO, Matt ‘Nadeshot’ Haag, stepped in and ended the disagreement, asking his players to keep their heads down “and not sweat the noise and comments.” Haag also congratulated Crimsix, telling him to “keep crushing it” and that his squad was “playing out of their minds.”

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This isn’t the first time this season that OpTic have found themselves embroiled in a social media feud. Seth ‘Scump’ Abner and the rest of his teammates were upset at eUnited, when the organization changed the colors on their social media accounts to green and grey, stating that they were dressing up as a “Top 24 Champs team” for Halloween.


That conflict continued into the first CWL 2K of the Black Ops 4 season, with OpTic refusing to replay a map against eUnited and claiming that their social media antics were to blame.

The next major Call of Duty tournament will be the CWL 2K Online tournament, which starts on Sunday, November 11. Unfortunately, these teams won’t get to face off against each other on LAN until December 7, when the first Black Ops 4 event of the year takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada.