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CouRage says Modern Warfare & Warzone is ‘worst CoD ever’ for ranking up

Published: 28/Apr/2020 12:34

by Jacob Hale


Former Call of Duty caster Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop has slammed Modern Warfare and Warzone’s progression system as Call of Duty’s “worst ever.”

CouRage led the commentary line during the Black Ops 3 season right up until he left to pursue full-time streaming in March, 2018, where he became one of Twitch and Fortnite’s biggest stars.

With the recent release of Call of Duty’s battle royale title Warzone, CouRage has returned to his roots and started streaming the game a lot – but has some strong opinions on certain features of the game, especially the leveling system.

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CouRage is clearly put out by the rank progression in Modern Warfare.

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Modern Warfare’s ranking system is a big change from previous iterations in the CoD franchise, dropping the prestige system and instead allowing players to level up to 155 – and dropping back to 55 each season.

CouRage clearly isn’t a fan, though, as revealed in an April 27 tweet, describing the level system as “the worst in any Call of Duty game EVER.”

He goes on to question developer Infinity Ward’s decision to remove prestiges, limit levels at 155 and reset to 55 at the start of every season, clearly exasperated at the system in its entirety.

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It wasn’t all negative, though, as he adds that “everyone is loving this game/Warzone,” suggesting that what he believes to be the worst ever progression system isn’t a deal-breaker for players.


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It wasn’t long before CouRage found something else that irritated him about the game, though, as barely 10 minutes later he referred to anyone who uses akimbo Snakeshot pistols as a “baby back b**ch that won’t ever find love.”

The progression system has been under fire from players in the past, but most have come to terms with it now, though a fresh batch of players on Warzone might be the critical eye that pushes Infinity Ward to make a change – only time will tell.