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Courage Roasts a CoD pro After Failing to Qualify for Champs

Published: 27/Jul/2018 22:39 Updated: 27/Jul/2018 22:57

by Vincent Genova


Jack ‘Courage’ Dunlop may have left Call of Duty casting but he still keeps up with the professional scene.

Unfortunately for one CoD pro, that meant a public roasting at the hands of Courage.

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Steve ‘Mochila’ Canle was complaining about the hit registration on his station at the LCQ, posting a video on Twitter that shows what he thought should not have been missed bullets.

Mochila and his team would lose the match to Brash Esports, eliminating them from the Last Chance Qualifier.

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Courage and Mochila had a quick back and forth after the video was posted, with Mochila challenging Courage to reply to the questionable bullet registration.

Unfortunately for Mochila, Courage eventually replied.

The comment caused other CoD pros to jump in to the conversation.

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First it was Matthew ‘Skrapz’ Marshall, who always seems to be on hand with a response whenever a Twitter fight happens in the CoD community.

Arcitys also got in on the fun, throwing a light insult over to Mochila.

There was one player who agreed with Mochila, though it may have been jokingly. Cody ‘Excite’ Rugolo, of the Taboo roster that also failed to qualify, recognized that station.