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Controversial Warzone companion app makes big changes to stop SBMM exploits

Published: 5/Jan/2021 14:24

by Connor Bennett


The controversial Warzone companion app that showed players the K/D’s and detailed stats of everyone in their lobby has made a number of changes in response to claims that it was ruining the battle royale.

Like many other multiplayer games, Call of Duty Warzone has been plagued with complaints and issues surrounding skill-based matchmaking – SBMM – and after the Black Ops Cold War integration, it’s still a major issue.

The debate about SBMM was intensified further when some PC players started using an unofficial Warzone companion app as a way to find if there were cheaters in their game. However, the app allowed users to get a detailed overview of the other teams and players in their lobby before the game started, so they could pick and choose who they wanted to play against.


Some players claimed that the app had gone beyond just outing cheaters and was “ruining” the game altogether. Though, the app’s creators have stepped in and made some changes. 

Warzone companion app showing stats of a lobby
Twitter: ModernWarzone
The companion app allowed PC players to see incredibly detailed stats in Warzone lobbies.

According to Eurogamer, the team behind the app – COD Stats – rolled out a patch on January 4, making it so that certain stats would no longer show up until after the pre-match warm-up period had ended.

Previously, the stats would be available during the warm-up period, so players could duck out pretty quickly if they didn’t like what they were up against. Users could also report potential cheaters before a game, but this is now not possible.


Dmitry Shymko, the owner of the app and COD Stats site, told Eurogamer that the app had been intended to be used as a tool to “help the community” and “highlight” cheaters. “What is a bit sad is most of the discussion is focused on finding ways to abuse but not about the advantages and positive sides of the app,” he said. 

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Though it has been changed, the app is not going away. Shymko added that he and his team will still be taking on feedback to develop the app moving forward.

Whether or not the app continues to be a hot button topic for Warzone players after its changes, however, remains to be seen.