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Confusing Warzone bug hurts player when they shoot enemies

Published: 14/Jun/2021 23:18

by Theo Salaun


While the worst of Call of Duty: Warzone bugs seem to have passed, a new one has appeared and it is very weird: it destroys your own armor when you destroy an enemy’s, seemingly dealing self-damage.

Warzone has had nightmarish map-clipping glitches, invisibility bugs, and the infamous Infinite Stim exploits. But this new bug is more confusing than the rest, as the CoD community simply cannot figure out how it works.

Twitch streamer Wagnificent spotted an unsuspecting enemy, beamed them from afar without having a single bullet shot in his direction, only to find out that his armor was broken as soon as he cracked his enemy’s.


The clip is mightily confusing and makes this a very bizarre bug, with various Twitter replies wondering what on earth happened.

As you can see in Wag’s clip, he absolutely smokes an enemy with his CR-56 AMAX and no bullets are sent his way. Somehow, though, as soon as Wag gets the blue and cracks his victim’s armor, all three of his plates suddenly break as well.

While this bug had no impact in the moment, as Wag was able to go get his kill without any issues, it is a very puzzling one. And you know something is confusing when even JGOD seems surprised by it.


There seem to be three possibilities here: 1) the game falsely registered the cracked plates on both players, 2) there was an invisible snipe that didn’t show on Wag’s side, or 3) this is a HUD issue where Wag still had full plates, but they weren’t shown on-screen.

If it’s the first, then this bug could absolutely ruin people’s games in the future. If it’s either of the latter two, then that’s somewhat reassuring but also worrisome. As of yet, the bug does not appear on the developers’ Trello board, so it seems that Raven Software are unaware. We’ll update if that changes.