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Cold War player claims insane Tec-9 TTK makes other SMGs “useless”

Published: 17/Aug/2021 17:09

by Jacob Hale


Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War players have been getting their hands on the new Tec-9 SMG in Season 5, and it’s already being lambasted as overpowered and accused of making other SMGs “useless” in the game.

The Tec-9 arrived in Cold War and Warzone in mid-August alongside the launch of Season 5 and the new EM2 assault rifle.

Both weapons have seen a decent amount of use across both games, and while the EM2 is definitely a more popular pick in Verdansk, the Tec-9 is proving to be a real issue in Cold War’s regular multiplayer modes.

With a variety of loadout and fire rate options for the gun, players are beginning to realize that it’s even stronger than initially thought.


Best TEC 9 SMG loadout in Warzone
The Tec-9 is already making players rip their hair out.

Anyone familiar with the gun will know it can be used in semi-automatic, burst fire or fully automatic modes — and this is where the issue exists.

Comparing the TTK of all the Cold War SMGs, Tsuikyit_The_VIP was in disbelief at the insane TTK of the full-auto Tec-9, which far outclasses the rest of the field.

The weapon has a 184ms TTK at its base maximum damage range of 15.2m. For comparison, the only SMGs that beat this are burst fire guns: the burst Tec-9 and the KSP 45.

All SMG TTKs in Black Ops Cold War
Reddit: Tsuikyit_The_VIP
All SMG TTKs in Black Ops Cold War.

When comparing it to other full-auto SMGs though, the Tec-9 clearly outclasses them by a long shot. Possible fixes for this, as explained by Tsuikyit, could include a recoil or damage nerf, a magazine size penalty, or even an open bolt delay.


If you feel like you’ve been killed by the Tec-9 a lot since it arrived in-game, now you know why — especially if it’s burst fire or, even worse, full auto.

Whether developers Treyarch address this in a future update remains to be seen.