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CoD Vanguard hackers now have the power to instantly end games in beta

Published: 20/Sep/2021 10:21

by Alex Garton


CoD Vanguard’s beta has only just begun and hackers are already spoiling it for players by manually ending games early with a click of a button.

With CoD Vanguard’s beta in full swing ahead of the game’s release on November 5, the hype surrounding the brand new WWII FPS is at an all-time high.

However, despite the fun gameplay, the community is experiencing the same old problems in Vanguard, with hackers running rampant in the beta.

While some cheaters are using third-party software to wallhack and aimbot, others are showcasing new abilities by manually ending games early.

Seemingly at a click of a button, matches are instantly ending and a cheater was even caught red-handed after being accused of using hacks.


CoD Vanguard beta hackers
Hackers are already spoiling the Vanguard beta.

CoD Vanguard hackers ruin beta by ending matches early

While the CoD community is usually concerned about being beamed across the map by a hacker, the cheaters are already showcasing new powers in the Vanguard beta.

As highlighted by Twitter user and streamer EasyStomps, after accusing a cheater of using third-party software to wallhack, the hacker responded by saying that he was going to end the match.

It was at that point that the game instantly ended early, ruining the match for both teams. Of course, this left EasyStomps confused and shocked that a player had that much power in a brand new title.

“Man you guys are terrible at this game holy s**t, uh oh, alright, ending the game, oops, whoops”.


Although Vanguard is still in beta, it’s already concerning how much power hackers wield when playing multiplayer matches. This is definitely an issue Activision has to address before the release of the game.

While being torn apart by cheaters in-game is bad, it’s a whole other level when the community can’t finish a match.

As of yet, the devs have not commented on the issue, but there’s no doubt they’ll be doing everything they can to stop hackers ahead of Vanguard’s release.