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CoD pros voice frustrations over League Play in Black Ops 4

Published: 22/Feb/2019 2:12 Updated: 22/Feb/2019 2:32

by Alan Bernal


Black Ops 4 fans finally got the long-awaited League Play on February 21 for PlayStation 4, but early thoughts from the game’s pro players seem to suggest that the mode might not be up to snuff.

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League Play sought to bring Call of Duty players a more competitive environment by implementing the CWL ruleset to the broader community, but it seems problems with ranking and a lack of meaningful competition for some is ruining the experience.

Tweets from the CoD pro community are coming in droves, as quite a few players think that Treyarch could have simply come up with something better.


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Fans of the game have been repeatedly begging Treyarch to integrate a ranked mode into Black Ops 4, but the developer kept delaying its launch to provide the best experience it could. But now it seems the final product is falling short of expectations.

“Not gonna lie four months for this,” former CoD pro Jordon ‘Reedy’ Reed said. “Doubt I’ll be playing it ww2 was unreal ranking wise blops2 don’t get it.”

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The sentiments were echoed by more pros in the scene. Frustration even showed on some due to the constant delays League Play had, which was time that Treyarch could have used to improve its mode.


“This ranking system is dead,” David ‘Dqvee’ Davies said. “Why have they done it like this lmao??? Where is MMR? If they brought this out four months ago they would have had PLAYER feedback… made improvements from there.”

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Treyarch will surely be monitoring its community’s suggestion to improve its new mode, which possibly missed its mark with some fans.