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CoD pros ACHES and SlasheR have hilarious argument over the CWL ruleset

Published: 27/Oct/2018 17:17

by Calum Patterson


Two of the most outspoken professional CoD players inevitably locked horns on Twitter following the release of the V1 CWL ruleset for Black Ops 4.

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100 Thieves’ Austin ‘SlasheR’ Liddicoat was part of ther team of pro players who met with developers to give input on the ruleset, which was more complex than ever in Black Ops 4, with new specialists, equipment and the change to 5v5.

The initial version of the ruleset has been met with mixed reviews to say the least, and one of the most vocally against it, was reigning world champion and Team Envy captain Patrick ‘ACHES’ Price.


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The biggest change (other than 5v5) was the inclusion of the new ‘Control’ mode, but the competitive community was mostly up in arms over specialist restrictions, or lack thereof.

Only Nomad has been banned, meaning powerful abilities like Torque’s barricade and Ajax’s Riot Shield remain.

In response to the ruleset, ACHES took a direct shot at the pro players who were part of the process, calling them “yes men”, rather than “seasoned veterans” (like him, presumably).

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SlasheR clearly took notice of the slight dig towards him and the others involved in the feedback process, suggesting that they had not said “yes” to everything, as ACHES insinuated. 


ACHES retracted his yes men accusation, instead suggesting that SlasheR and co. were unable to “formulate an argument” against certain features, and that they “rolled over” after being shut down once.

SlasheR, who completed his degree in robotic engineering in 2017, quickly fired back, saying he could have programmed a robot to form his argument for him, never mind forming it himself.

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For now, the V1 ruleset is being put to the test by pro players and amateurs in competitive wagers, scrims and online tournaments, with League Play set to launch in December.

The first major event, CWL Vegas, is also fast approaching on December 7, so whether there is just over a month for rules to be finalized before teams commence play at what $250,000 tournament.