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CoD pro John uncovers insane parachute exploit in Black Ops Cold War

Published: 6/Feb/2021 17:19

by Joe Craven


Call of Duty World Champion Johnathon ‘John’ Perez has shared bizarre footage of a parachute bug in Black Ops Cold War, allowing him to float around the map as if it was Warzone, and reach clearly unintended spots. 

Any game the size of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War was bound to launch with its fair share of bugs and glitches. However, some have argued that developers Treyarch need to do more to minimize their prevalence and impact in matches.

Furthermore, ahead of the second CDL season getting underway on February 11, some pro players have shared concerns over bugs that could potentially impact professional matches.

John, currently playing in the Challengers after some time away from the esport, made this point in a February 6 tweet, showing a bizarre bug on the Crossroads map.

John playing for Luminosity
John won a World Championship with Envy, back in Black Ops III.

The glitch requires players to go to the rocks at the back of Munitions Storage, before button mashing. This launches the player into the air, seeing them fly way above the map and over to the far side.

The glitch then becomes even more bizarre, with the game giving John the option of pulling a Warzone-like parachute, and gliding onto the top of the cliff at the other side of the map. It’s a crazy exploit, on a map that is played in pro hardpoint.

JKap tweeted the clip, throwing the caption back to a hilarious Clayster rant from Black Ops III, after he was pulled up for using an “unintended line of sight” in a CWL match.

Fans and other pros were understandably baffled by the bug, with some comparing it super-jumps in Halo. Whatever comparison you wish to make, it’s absolutely not meant to be in the game, and players will be looking for a swift patch after its discovery.

Players would almost certainly be punished for using this exploit in an official match, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be abused at lower levels.

Whether we see John back competing in the upper echelons of the CDL remains unclear, but we can hope that his discovery of this particular bug can result in a quick fix.