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Modern Warfare makes big changes from Black Ops 4: Healing, TTK, EKIA and more

Published: 1/Aug/2019 15:30 Updated: 1/Aug/2019 17:36

by Matt Porter


Gameplay from the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare reveal shows off a low Time-To-Kill, and does away with the EKIA system and manual healing, a significant step away from its predecessor Black Ops 4.

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Some of the world’s biggest content creators, such as Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek and Dr DIsrespect, flew out to Los Angeles to take part in Modern Warfare’s official multiplayer reveal, and give viewers an inside look at what they can expect from the highly-anticipated game.

Thanks to the reveal, we now know some important information on how healing, finding kills and how long you can survive while getting shot at by enemies.


Infinity WardModern Warfare’s TTK is much lower than Black Ops 4.
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Modern Warfare has low Time-To-Kill

One of the most interesting aspects of any new Call of Duty item is the Time-To-Kill (TTK) which dictates how much health a player has, how much damage weapons will deal, and most importantly how quickly players will die when they are shot by an enemy.

While some Call of Duty titles feature a long TTK to give players a chance to react when being shot, Modern Warfare is definitely on the short side, with players dying incredibly quickly when shot.

From footage, it appears that players can find themselves out of the action after just three shots, indicating that the amount of health that players have is likely 100 points again, down from 150 in Black Ops 4.


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Automatic healing returns to Call of Duty

Thanks to the first footage of the game, it seemed set that Modern Warfare would not include the manual healing system featured in Black Ops 4. Thanks to today’s reveal, we now know for certain that health regeneration will take place automatically.

In BO4, players would have to manually heal themselves when they took damage, and their health would remain where it was if they were unable or forgot to utilize the system. That’s gone in Modern Warfare, which shows players automatically gaining health once they stop taking damage, in classic Call of Duty fashion.

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EKIA not featured in Modern Warfare

In Black Ops 4, players did not have a kill/death ratio, but instead had an EKIA, which tallied up your successful eliminations in a match.

What made this system different from previous CoD’s was the fact that assists were counted towards your EKIA, therefore making it easier for players to pad their stats by landing a few shots on a player and letting someone else clean them up if they were unable to.

Going back to basics, Modern Warfare drops the EKIA system entirely, and returns to a normal K/DR mechanic, with kills acting as the only way that players can earn streaks in the game, and assists only serving up 25 points.


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The multiplayer reveal also showed off how players will be able to get their hands on a minimap – although there’s a catch to getting one, and how field equipment will work in the next CoD title. 

This is the first time CoD fans have seen actual multiplayer gameplay, and is sure to whet the appetite ahead of Modern Warfare’s October 25 release.