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CoD Mobile’s Grind mode explained: Tips to master the new playlist

Published: 12/Jan/2021 3:36

by Brad Norton


Grind may be a brand new mode in Call of Duty: Mobile, but it’s an old classic from the franchise itself. If you’re yet to jump into the experience or just want some advice on how to win, here are some of the best tips to master the mode.

First introduced in Call of Duty: Ghosts, Grind stood out as one of the more unique experiments from that iteration. The mode was only ever available through custom games and the same carried through to 2016’s Infinite Warfare as well.

However, the unique playlist eventually went live as a proper multiplayer mode in 2019’s Modern Warfare. Now, it’s made the jump to CoD Mobile as well. The mode is a blend between Kill Confirmed and Hardpoint with a key emphasis on objective-based play.


Every enemy drops dog tags upon death, no different from Kill Confirmed. Though in Grind, you need to collect these tags and then bring them back to your team’s objective marker on the map. 

It can be a difficult task trying to keep on top of everything in the moment. So here are our best tips to help you pile up the wins in Grind.

Less is often more in CoD Mobile’s Grind

Cod Mobile gameplay
Focus on banking a smaller number of tags in CoD Mobile’s Grind.

The most important thing to remember in Grind is that less is often more. Sure, going on a rampage and collecting 10 tags at a time might be a flashy way to play, but it’s not the most effective.


If you’re on a big streak and die near the enemy base, you’ve essentially done the heavy lifting for them. All of the tags you’ve accumulated over time drop at their feet for an easy deposit.

Instead, you should focus on smaller amounts. Find a handful of tags and head back to your objective marker as often as you can. Obviously not for every single kill, but try to cash in smaller drops than bank up for a big one.

Positioning is vital in Grind

CoD Mobile Dog Tag Duty
Grind is now available as part of CoD Mobile’s Season 13 update.

You’ll want to keep your positioning in mind while playing this mode. You can get away with long flanks or aggressive pushes in other playlists, but Grind will punish you for not being cautious.


Controlling the middle of the map is key, picking up tags where you can before running back to base. Pushing too far out could leave you out in the open and make your efforts worthless. 

That’s not to say you can’t still play against the grain, however. Rather than focusing on collecting tags, your goal for the match could be to simply prevent the enemy team from banking. As a result, you’ll want to position yourself close to the enemy base but ignore every tag along the way.

Shooting down enemies as they look to deposit can be a huge thorn in their side. They’ll have to focus on taking you out before they can safely rack up any further points.

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Pick the right class for the job

CoD Mobile gameplay
SMGs should be the ones running in and collecting tags more often than not.

Last but not least, your loadout of choice is absolutely vital. There’s never a reason for a sniper to be running in the middle and collecting tags. You need to be wary of what you’re using and try to play around it.

SMGs should be up front leading the charge when it comes to picking up tags. Meanwhile, ARs can often be further back towards the base protecting allies and shutting down opposing players. The same can be said for snipers in this role as well.

Ultimately, it pays to focus on a specific role and build your class around that.