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CoD Mobile Season 9 update to add Kilo marksman rifle, 10v10 mode, more

Published: 11/Aug/2020 6:34

by Brad Norton


Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 is on the horizon and the developers have provided a new rundown on what the community can expect. From weapons to modes and even new features, here’s everything we know so far.

The next CoD Mobile Season is fast approaching and we now have a clear idea of the new content on the way. While some key additions may have slipped through the cracks early, other leaks have been shut down along the way. 

With more and more coming to light seemingly every day, the devs have finally confirmed what will be made available throughout the season. Not all of it is expected to arrive on day one, but there’s already plenty for fans to look forward to.


Whether you’re eager for new maps or excited to claim a unique weapon type for the first time in CoD Mobile, here’s a full rundown on everything that’s confirmed for Season 9.

New weapon type locked and loaded for CoD Mobile

CoD Mobile Marksman Rifle
The Kilo Bolt-Action will be the first Marksman rifle in CoD Mobile.

In a July 31 community update, the developers teased that a new gun would be added in Season 9. Not only that, but it would mark the introduction of an entirely “new type of weapon.” After a period of speculation, we now know exactly what that looks like.

Coming in Season 9 is the Kilo Bolt-Action, described as “the first-ever Marksman rifle” in CoD Mobile. This weapon toes the line between a sniper and a faster assault rifle. Boasting “excellent mobility” while retaining the ability to “one-shot enemies,” an accompanying trailer detailed.


CoD Mobile Kilo Armory
The Kilo can be customized with nine categories of attachments.

Similar to the Kar98k in 2019’s Modern Warfare, each shot will be crucial with this weapon. You’ll need to manually prepare each round as your fire, leaving a slight pause between every shot. However, it packs a sturdy punch and just one shot appears to be enough to clean up an opponent.

No different from every other weapon in the mobile shooter, you’ll be able to equip a wide array of attachments too. From mobility buffs to long-range scopes for improved accuracy, all of the standard options are available.

New game modes and battle royale locations

Call of Duty Mobile 10v10 gameplay
20 players will soon be able to load into a chaotic match during Season 9 of CoD Mobile.

Also coming with the major Season 9 update is a fresh competitive mode. While the game currently offers a wide array of objective-based playlists, this new take focuses solely on eliminations.


It’s the biggest team-based mode to date as players will soon be able to drop into 10v10 action in CoD Mobile. Standard games are fine-tuned for 10 players across both teams. Therefore, you can expect things to be quite chaotic with double the total count across any given map.

Additionally, the battle royale component is also receiving some new upgrades with four unique locations on the way. Campgrounds, Dormitory, Outpost, and Radar Base are the names of the new areas. While images were provided for all four, there’s no telling if they’ll all be released at once, or scattered throughout the Season.


When does CoD Mobile Season 9 start?

Call of Duty Mobile gameplay
Season 9 of CoD Mobile is expected to start imminently.

While the developers are clearly ready to tease what’s coming, no date has been set in stone for Season 9. CoD Mobile’s eighth Season began on July 10 with all-new content scheduled for the month ahead. Some events began weeks after the major update while others ran through all of July.

The Season 8 Battle Pass even came to a close recently. Though an exact day for the new content still hasn’t been provided. CoD Mobile’s developers didn’t quite leave us empty-handed, however.

The official Reddit account confirmed a rough release window. Stating that fans can expect to see the Season 9 update “this week.” Be sure to keep your eyes peeled as the new content could roll over any day now without warning.