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CoD Mobile Season 9 new characters and weapons leaked

Published: 7/Aug/2020 16:46

by Connor Bennett


CoD Mobile’s Season 9 characters, theme, and new weapons have apparently been leaked, and if true, the game is set for a significant step back in time.

As the CoD Mobile seasons have unfolded, players have been able to get their hands on a wide variety of new content that have all come from previous games. At the start of Season 8, the map Highrise from Modern Warfare 2 was added amongst other things.

However, as the hype has been building for Season 9, the devs have remained a bit tight-lipped on what’s coming next. Yes, they revealed that an “entirely new type of weapon” would be coming soon, but amid the recent delay, that was it.


Yet, some leakers have apparently got the scoop on what’s coming in Season 9, and it’s safe to say that if true, it would be a blast from the past. 

Highrise map with cod mobile logo
Highrise was added to CoD Mobile at the start of Season 8.

CoD Mobile YouTuber AnonymousYT posted the apparent leaks of the new character, theme, name, and weapons. According to the claims, the name for the season would be ‘Conquest’ and the theme would be World War 2.

That fits into what has also been revealed by the test server, given that Shipment 1944 should be releasing soon. On top of that, the YouTuber also notes that Victor Reznov, Richtofen, Nikto, and Lev Kravchenko will all be available as new characters.


On top of that, the Kar98K is supposed to be the battle pass reward for hitting tier 50. There also hints about a new SMG, the Striker shotgun, and a new LMG – as well as new skins and charms to use in weapon customization. 

Of course, outside of the 1944 themed version of Shipment being confirmed as a new addition, none of the other information has been confirmed. 

You only have to cast your mind back to last season where leakers got the name and new characters wrong. So, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.