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CoD Mobile devs reveal “new weapon type” coming soon

Published: 4/Aug/2020 15:22

by Connor Bennett


The Call of Duty Mobile devs have revealed that there is an “entirely new type of weapon” coming soon, and it’s got fans speculating about a number of different ideas. 

Ever since releasing back in October, CoD Mobile has taken some of the biggest fan-favorite about the previous Call of Duty games and tied them all into one. There are weapons from Modern Warfare, maps from Black Ops 2, as well as a unique battle royale.


The developers continue to keep the game fresh with regular updates, including new maps, modes, cosmetics, and weapons. 

As the wait for Season 9 continues to rumble on, fans have been trying to get a glimpse into the future. The devs have even been forthcoming with a few hints about what’s coming next – this time, though, focusing on weapons rather than anything else. 

There are plenty of changes coming to CoD: Mobile.

Following their recent community update on August 1, CoD Mobile devs took questions from fans about the upcoming season as well as other future updates. After one fan asked for details about the theme of the season, as well as a brand-new weapon, they give an answer that sent the rumor mill into overdrive. 


“We should have a direct mention of that new weapon relatively soon on social media and through in-game announcements, but it is actually an entirely new type of weapon. The first of its type,” the devs said, with fans rushing to figure out what it is that’s coming soon. 

Will it be a riot shield or something like the Ray Gun from Zombies appearing in CoD Mobile’s multiplayer? Or something that has never been seen before in CoD history? Who knows. 

That wasn’t their only answer on updating the current weapon pool. Some fans asked if the Black Ops III Razorback, which had been available through the COSMOS Chance event, would finally be returning.


“Oh it is coming! Don’t you worry,” the devs responded, also noting that the “whole weapon system in general will be changing” in their next update. 

As for when that will be, and what the entirely new weapon will end up looking like, still remains to be seen. Season 9 is just around the corner, so CoD Mobile fans won’t have to wait too much longer.