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CoD Mobile devs reveal new event & more coming in Season 9

Published: 16/Aug/2020 11:17

by Connor Bennett


The Call of Duty Mobile devs have revealed some of the new content that they’ve to lined up for updates throughout Season 9, Conquest, including a new event, perks, and more. 

After much anticipation, Call of Duty Mobile Season 9, Conquest, was finally released on August 16. On top of bringing the classic World War 2 theme to the popular game, there’s also a new map, expansion to the battle royale mode, new weapons, and plenty of cosmetics. 

Even as players have been getting to grips with all the new changes, the devs already have one eye looking to the future with the next updates and new content that they have lined up.


The most interesting of which will be their new event, but there is still plenty of new content to come. 

CoD Mobile characters for Season 9
CoD Mobile Season 9 has added plenty of familiar faces.

CoD Mobile Season 9 content roadmap

All the upcoming content was revealed in the roadmap for Season 9, with updates coming in “mid-August” as well as “late August.” Though, sadly, there are no exact dates for these. 

The featured event, which has been given the name of Finest Hour, however, does not have a mid-August or late August tag attached to it. Instead, it just has an image of the new characters – Reznov, Richtofen, Nikto, and Lev Kravchenko. 

It’s likely to be similar to the Solstice Awakended event from Season 8, where new cosmetics and weapons can be earned for completing different daily and weekly challenges.

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CoD Mobile Season 9 roadmap
The roadmap for CoD Mobile Season 9, Conquest.

In terms of the mid-August updates, these will see the introduction of the Amped perk, 10v10 mode, and a new skin for the Outlaw. The Thermite grenade is the only thing with the late August tag. 

More content could be on the way throughout the season, but as roadmap typically reveals the biggest changes coming, we probably won’t see anything thats so big that it takes the shine off what has already been revealed or teased.