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CoD Mobile devs confirm Terminal isn’t coming in Season 9

Published: 8/Aug/2020 10:30

by Andy Williams


Call of Duty: Mobile plays homage to some of the best maps in the game’s history, but fans will have to wait a little longer before the beloved MW2 map Terminal comes to the small screen.

CoD Mobile makes use of some of the most iconic maps in Call of Duty history. From Black Ops’ Nuketown to Modern Warfare’s Crash, players have all of the franchise’s flagship maps right at their fingertips.

The game’s ninth season will be kicking off with a bang, with Shipment making a long-awaited return. The close-quarters chaos will be coming with a unique twist, though, as players will do battle on a 1944-themed port.


Although, eagled-eyed fans who’ve kept tabs on what’s to come will be wondering where Terminal is — especially since it was confirmed to be coming after appearing in a public test build.

CoD Mobile's Shipment.
Shipment will be added into the rotation in Season 9.

Terminal not coming to CoD Mobile Season 9

After the introduction of Highrise in Season 8, players were hopeful that Season 9 would be launching with a Terminal revamp. As with previous releases, TiMi Studios have been putting their own unique twist on maps by giving them a fresh lick of paint.

When asked if “Terminal is coming in Season 9” on the game’s official subreddit, the official CoD Mobile account assured fans that the map wouldn’t be coming in Season 9 whatsoever.


“Hello, we are reading this and no not in Season 9, but it is coming as you may have seen in the public test build. Just keep an eye out for it.”

Of course, since Shipment 1944 will be launching with the new season, it would be a huge endeavour to add an additional map as part of a mid-season update.

With the game taking a leaf out of Modern Warfare’s mapbook with Highrise and Shipment, it’s only a matter of time before players are able to roam the aisles of Terminal. Perhaps Season 10?