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CoD legend Apathy uses Warzone’s Red Doors for 900IQ counterplay

Published: 15/Oct/2021 20:09

by Theo Salaun


What happens when you put a two-time Call of Duty world champion in Warzone? You get big-brain plays. And that’s exactly what happened when Apathy used Season 6’s Red Doors for a sneaky squad wipe.

Popping into a Red Door can feel like rolling dice in Warzone. While there’s the chance of getting a ton of loot, there’s also the chance of a trap door, meaning you need to pick carefully

But Bryan ‘Apathy’ Zhelyazkov is a two-time CoD champ for a reason. After retiring from the CDL, he’s been taking kids to school in Verdansk. And, as he’s admitted, he’s gotten “really good at baiting people in Warzone.”


That’s exactly what happened when, thanks to a Red Door, Ap was able to bait and wipe out a full team of three hungry, hopeful enemies.

Warzone Red Doors used for bait counterplay

Apathy describes it as a “5000IQ Red Door bait,” and he’s not wrong. Noticing a full team near him in Salt Mine, the former pro shot toward to pull their attention and quickly jumped into a Red Door. 

But he stopped and waited after getting teleported. And, after reloading, poof — they appeared right on cue. Within moments, he had downed two, switched to the other side, and downed the third as they teleported in to rescue.


And then Apathy hit them with a jovial jab: “What’s up now, baby?”

Warzone red doors
Red Doors can be a mixed bag in Warzone.

Red Doors are best known for the loot you can find after using them (or the glitches they sometimes have). But Apathy’s play proves that the Season 6 mechanic can be used for much more.

Sure, you can use one to escape the bad guys. But you can also use one as clever bait. In the time between your teleportation and your enemies’ pursuit, you can reload and pre-fire the center of the hallway.

It’s a bamboozle of the highest order and quality usage of CoD IQ. And it’s also a lesson not to chase your prey too haphazardly. They might be a former CoD champion, after all.