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CoD fans frustrated with incorrect pronunciation of Minnesota Røkkr

Published: 7/Nov/2019 15:23 Updated: 19/Jan/2021 0:08

by Jacob Hale


When the Call of Duty League, there was a lot of skepticism about the name – but it turns out Scandinavian fans aren’t entirely happy about it.

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As time has gone on, many fans have simply referred to the team representing Minnesota phonetically, calling them “Minnesota Rocker”. The term, Røkkr, as well as the branding surrounding the team, were heavily inspired by old Nordic mythology and culture, similar to their partnered NFL team Minnesota Vikings.

This branding was evidently very important to the team behind Røkkr, and was something noted throughout the process as being so. So, it’s quite surprising to see fans from the Scandinavian region in the likes of Iceland, Norway and Denmark questioning the team’s pronunciation of the word.


Minnesota RokkrBrianSaint (left) and Assault (right) will be representing Røkkr as coach and player respectively.
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In a tweet posted on November 2, a clip taken from the Røkkr’s podcast sees the group ask how the word is pronounced, which was clearly a question they have been asked a lot since the branding announcement.

In unison, they all pronounce it phonetically, like many do, as “rocker”. However, in the responses to the tweet, many have called them out for mispronouncing the word.

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Some users suggest they have been pronouncing it “Roe-ker”, others say it is more of an “UH” sound, hence “Ruh-ker”. According to pronunciation website Forvo, the word is of Icelandic origin, the correct pronunciation being “Ruh-kur” with rolling R’s. 


Whether this changes how the people within the organization pronounce the word remains to be seen – we imagine by now they’re pretty set on their pronunciation of Røkkr as it is. But, with how important the Nordic branding is to them, maybe they may look to find a compromise in the future.

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