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CoD 2021 reportedly set in alt-history timeline where World War 2 never ended

Published: 24/Mar/2021 2:48 Updated: 24/Mar/2021 3:08

by Brad Norton


Call of Duty’s 2021 release, reportedly codenamed: ‘WWII: Vanguard,’ will seemingly take place in an alternate timeline where World War II continued well past 1945, and deep into the 1950s.

Hot off the heels of an internal codename slipping through the cracks, more details surrounding the next CoD title have been revealed.

The upcoming Sledgehammer Games release is reportedly set to take place in an alternate history timeline, according to ModernWarzone. In this fictional rendition, World War II continued beyond 1945. 

“This entire game takes place in an alternate timeline where 1945 wasn’t the end of World War II,” sources allegedly told the prominent CoD leakers.


CoD WWII gameplay
The upcoming WWII follow-up is reportedly set in an alt-history timeline.

This aligns with previous leaks that hinted towards a 1950’s setting.

The second world war would still be raging on through the next decade, though there’s no telling what the story might entail beyond that. From exact locations to the characters we’ll be playing, key details remain under wraps, for now.

If this leaked intel holds true, ‘Vanguard’ could be among the first CoD titles to embrace the alt-history genre. While previous entries have delved into futuristic settings and asked ‘what ifs,’ none have gone as far as prolonging a world war.

Beyond the storyline potential, there’s also no telling just how this might impact gameplay. With technological innovations reaching new heights throughout WWII, extending this period may have led to all manner of advancements in the 50s.


From upgraded weaponry to unique vehicles, nothing is off-limits in a fictitious timeline. Naturally, this alternate timeline is sure to impact the multiplayer experience as well. Wherever the single-player storyline goes, it’s safe to expect near-identical gameplay in competitive modes.

This isn’t the first time an FPS franchise will have leaned into alt-history either.

The super-popular Wolfenstein franchise has often adopted a similar narrative over the years. The id Software franchise takes place in a reality where Axis powers won World War II, and explores the fall out of that fictitious victory.

Perhaps the upcoming CoD will follow suit, or maybe the war is still ongoing as players dive into the storyline. We’ll just have to wait and see as Sledgehammer’s release draws near — Dexerto will keep you updated on all developments.