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Clayster voices concerns about the Stim Shot in Black Ops 4

Published: 16/Oct/2018 16:12 Updated: 16/Oct/2018 16:14

by Ross Deason


James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks has voiced his concerns about some weapons and items in Black Ops 4 ahead of the release of the first official CWL ruleset.

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The Call of Duty veteran and eUnited star took to Twitter to say that the professional players want to know the rules and maps that will be played so that they can begin practicing, but also pointed out two key components that he believes need to be balanced in the first update.

“The #1 priority should be making subs viable,” said the 2015 world champion, echoing the opinion of numerous other top players who believe the submachine guns cannot currently compete with assault rifles, even at close ranges.


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He continued by saying that he believes the Stim Shot should also be adjusted: “Another thing I don’t see anyone talking about is how Stim seems ridiculously broken and defeats the purpose of manual heal. Feel like you get it wayyyy too quick and the regen speed is super fast.”

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Another CoD veteran, Eric ‘TwiZz’ Servello, added more context to Clayster’s complaints about the stim shot, explaining that the speed at which it heals players “takes away the effectiveness of trading kills” when an opponent has been weakened.

An obvious suggestion would be to make the Stim Shot heal players at a slower rate and have a longer cooldown time. Another option could be to make it so that the fast-healing item only replenishes a total of 75 health per use.


Trying to make the submachine guns more effective could prove to be a more significant task as balancing an entire class of weapons without negatively impacting other areas of the game can be tricky.

Given Treyarch’s track record, it seems likely that the concerns of players like Clayster and TwiZz will be addressed in the next major update, which is believed to be coming some time this week.