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Censor reveals what “bothered” him during his time with FaZe Clan

Published: 30/Nov/2019 2:48 Updated: 30/Nov/2019 3:00

by Albert Petrosyan


Now a member of the New York Subliners Call of Duty League franchise after having departed FaZe Clan, Doug ‘Censor’ Martin revealed one of his biggest regrets about the time he spent with FaZe. 

One of the biggest gaming personalities and YouTubers associated with FaZe Clan over the years was Censor, who first joined the organization back in 2014 as a member of their Call of Duty team.

After spending over five years with the esports giants, he finally parted ways on October 16, moving to the NY Subliners as a substitute for their Call of Duty League team.

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Speaking with Dexerto, Censor revealed that while his time with FaZe had its positive and beneficial aspects, there were parts of it that did not play out in his favor.

It’s something he’s mentioned several times before – his lack of opportunities with FaZe’s CoD team and how he feels that he was never given a fair chance with them.

MLGCensor last competed in Call of Duty: WWII as a member of Complexity, but has now returned from retirement.

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Censor on not getting another chance with FaZe CoD

Censor, of course, did play for FaZe’s competitive CoD team, winning two championships in 2014 at UMG Nashville and MLG Columbus Open. However, shortly after that, he was dropped from the main team, which is one of his biggest resentments.


“I made it really clear – I wanted to play on the competitive team since I joined FaZe Clan,” he said. “I never wanted to get off the competitive team, I got dropped from the competitive team when I won them a championship. Not even a celebratory dinner or anything. It was just ‘Hey we’re going to give ACHES the captain.’ And I was like ‘If you do that he’s going to drop me.'”

Repeatedly seeing promises that were made to him remain unfulfilled or even get broken added up to him now feeling as though the organization just didn’t treat him fairly.


“No one would ever get on a phone call with me. Nobody would ever talk to me for five years. They would just ignore me. Every time I asked when I wanted to play they would say ‘team’s full right now, sorry.’ Just making false promises and promising you captainship, taking it back, and then expecting you to just not be upset about that, not even taking accountability for it really bothers me. I never got closure the way I wanted to. All I really wanted for them to just say ‘hey we get where you’re coming from dude, sorry it just didn’t work out.'”

MLGCensor won two championships as part of FaZe’s CoD team but was dropped shortly thereafter.

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That said, he did note that his time with FaZe was very beneficial to both his career and brand as a YouTube star and that he would never forget the role that the organization played in him being who he is today.

“I’m grateful in one sense because they taught me everything I know with branding and YouTube, and they really put me under the ropes and gave me a career really. I’ll never forget that.”

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For Doug ‘Censor’ Martin, his years spent as a member of FaZe are now very much in the past, as he now plans on giving his full attention and efforts to helping his new team, the Subliners, succeed in the first-ever season of the newly-formed CDL.


It’s not clear how much he will play this season, if at all, but he’s as confident as ever in his ability as a CoD player and there’s no doubt that he will be ready to perform should his name ever be called.