How to watch CDL Toronto Home Series (Stage 2, Week 1): stream, schedule, scores, format
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LIVE: CDL Toronto Home Series Day 4: FaZe look to stay perfect vs Ultra

Published: 21/Mar/2021 19:00 Updated: 21/Mar/2021 20:14

by Albert Petrosyan


Stage 2 of the 2021 Call of Duty League regular season kicks off with the Toronto Ultra Home Series, the first of three weekly events that will lead into the next $500,000 Major.

  • FaZe put perfect record on the line vs Ultra & the red-hot Insight
  • Subliners look to bounce back as they face Thieves – 6PM ET.
  • Royal Ravens get first win of the season in PaulEhx’s rookie debut.

With the Stage 1 Major now in the books, the CDL’s attention shifts to Stage 2 and the Toronto Ultra Home Series. Groups A and B have been redrawn, which means we’ll be seeing plenty of new and exciting matchups, including FaZe vs Subliners right at the start.

Valuable CDL Points are on the line yet again, and, with teams just getting five matches to determine their seeding for the Stage 2 Major, every single map will be crucial heading into the next $500,000 event.


CDL Toronto Home Series: Official stream

CDL Toronto Home Series: Schedule & scores

Matches take place between March 18-21 – two each on Thursday and Friday, followed by a pair of three-match days on Saturday and Sunday.

Day 4 Schedule & Scores

Day 4 – Sunday, March 21

Match PDT EDT GMT AEDT (Mar 22)
Game 1 Royal Ravens 3-0 Guerrillas 12:00 PM 3:00 PM 7:00 PM 6:00 AM
Ultra 0-0 FaZe 1:30 PM 4:30 PM 8:30 PM 7:30 AM
Game 3 Subliners vs Thieves 3:00 PM 6:00 PM 10:00 PM 9:00 AM

Scores & Recaps

Day 1 results & recap

  Match Hardpoint S&D Control Hardpoint S&D
Match Replay Subliners 1-3 FaZe ATL 250-202 (Garrison) NY 6-5 (Express) ATL 3-1 (Raid) ATL 250-195 (Apocalypse) N/A
Match Replay Surge 3-1 Mutineers SEA 250-104 (Apocalypse) SEA 6-3 (Checkmate) FLA 3-0 (Checkmate) SEA 250-224 (Checkmate) N/A

Match 1: FaZe stay perfect with win over Subliners

A 3-1 win over Subliners ensured that FaZe would remain the only team in the league without a loss, extending their winning streak to a whopping nine matches to start the season. Atlanta looked like their usual-dominant selves despite facing several wild cards in this series, including two brand new maps and a new weapon meta after the XM4 was GA’ed.

Game 2: Surge bounce back with strong victory over Mutineers


One of the bottom dwellers of the league after their first-round exit at the Stage 1 Major, Surge put together quite a nice performance against the Mutineers, including a dominant win on the new Apocalypse Hardpoint map. Octane and Gunless starred for Seattle, who got just their second win of the 2021 campaign.

Day 2 results & recap

  Match Hardpoint S&D Control Hardpoint S&D
Game 1 Ultra 2-3 Thieves LAT 250-183 (Garrison) TOR 6-4 (Raid) LAT 3-1 (Raid) TOR 250-115 (Checkmate) LAT 6-5 (Miami)
Game 2 ROKKR 0-3 Legion PAR 250-216 (Raid) PAR 6-5 (Miami) PAR 3-0 (Raid) N/A N/A

Match 1: Thieves spoil Insight’s incredible Ultra debut

LA Thieves bounced back from a disappointing Stage 1 Major with a key win over Ultra that went all the way to a game five, round 11. They had to overcome a record-breaking debut from Toronto’s new rookie Insight, whose incredible performance set the CDL record for most kills in S&D (18) while tying the mark for longest kill-streak (11).


Match 2: Legion make statement vs ROKKR

A battle of two teams who exited early at the Stage 1 Major, it was Paris Legion who came better prepared, pulling off a sweep that not many would have expected. The victory included a massive comeback on Miami S&D, in which Legion trailed 5-2 before reeling off four straight rounds, against the league’s second-best Search team to boot.

Day 3 scores & recap

  Match Hardpoint S&D Control Hardpoint S&D
Game 1 Legion 1-3 OpTic CHI 250-184 (Checkmate) PAR 6-4 (Express) CHI 3-0 (Raid) CHI 250-225 (Apocalypse) N/A
Game 2 ROKKR 0-3 Mutineers FLA 250-214 (Checkmate) FLA 6-5 (Express) FLA 3-1 (Checkmate) N/A N/A
Game 3 Surge 2-3 Empire DAL 250-135 (Moscow) DAL 6-5 (Checkmate) SEA 3-2 (Garrison) SEA 250-149 (Raid) DAL 6-5 (Express)

Match 1: OpTic take care of business vs Legion

OpTic opened their Stage 2 campaign with a win 3-1 over Legion, improving their overall season record to 7-3. The victory was anything but routine, however, as Chicago had to pull off some clutch plays to finish off maps, such as a well-coordinated hold at the end of Apocalypse HP and this stunning comeback in the first round of Raid Control.


Match 2: Mutineers add to ROKKR’s recent struggles

A day after getting surprisingly swept by Legion, ROKKR found themselves on the wrong end of a 3-0 result again, this time against Mutineers. 2020 MVP finalist Skyz led the way for Florida with a superb 1.40 series K/D, helping his team bounce back after a tough loss to Surge earlier in the week.

Match 3: Empire survive Surge in series for the ages

Empire and Surge produced what was arguably the greatest series so far in 2021, going all the way to a game five and both S&Ds extending to a round 11. The fifth map was an instant classic, as Dallas escaped with a win by mere seconds after Seattle was unable to defuse the bomb in time.


CDL Toronto Home Series essentials

CDL Toronto Home Series: Format & info

  • Location: Online
  • Prize Pool: N/A
  • CDL Points: 10 per win
  • Maps & Modes:
    • Hardpoint: Apocalypse*, Checkmate, Garrison, Moscow, Raid
    • Search & Destroy: Checkmate, Express*, Miami, Moscow, Raid
    • Control: Checkmate, Garrison, Raid
  • Matches are best-of-five (HP, S&D, Control, HP, S&D)

*Apocalypse HP & Express S&D were added to the Stage 2 rotation in place of Crossroads & Garrison.

CDL 2021 overall standings heading into Stage 2.

CDL Toronto Home Series: Teams & rosters

All 12 teams are participating in this event, split into the two groups that were drawn at the start of Stage 2. All teams within the same group played each other once during the Stage, for a total of five matches.

There are some roster shuffles to keep an eye on for this week, including Methodz getting benched for Insight on the Toronto Ultra starting lineup, and Royal Ravens parting ways with Parasite in favor of Challengers star PaulEhx.

Group A

Team (Record coming in) Lineup
Atlanta FaZe (8-0) Simp, Cellium, aBeZy, Arcitys
Los Angeles Thieves (5-3) Kenny, SlasheR, TJHaLy, Temp
New York Subliners (6-4) Clayster, Asim, Diamondcon, Mack
Toronto Ultra (3-5) Insight, Bance, Cammy, CleanX
Los Angeles Guerrillas (3-5) SiLLY, Assault, Apathy, Vivid
London Royal Ravens (0-6) Zed, Dylan, Seany, PaulEhx

Group B

Team (Record coming in) Lineup
Dallas Empire (6-3) Crimsix, Shotzzy, Huke, iLLeY
OpTic Chicago (6-3) Scump, FormaL, Envoy, Dashy
Florida Mutineers (3-5) Skyz, Owakening, Slacked, Neptune
Paris Legion (2-4) AquA, Classic, Fire, Skrapz
Minnesota ROKKR (3-3) Accuracy, Attach, Priestahh, MajorManiak
Seattle Surge (1-5) Octane, Gunless, Prestinni, Loony

Note: Starting lineups are not confirmed until the first day of matches

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