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LIVE: CDL 2022 Rostermania hub: all roster changes

Published: 8/Oct/2021 17:20 Updated: 1/Nov/2021 10:42

by Brad Norton


With the 2021 Call of Duty League season now in the books, major shakeups have begun and we’ve got all you need to keep on top of this year’s rostermania.

There’s nothing quite like a Call of Duty offseason as rosters fall apart and players move on to fresh opportunities. With this year’s Champs now in the rearview mirror, rostermania is already in full swing.

Entire teams have been dropped and many veterans are now free agents. With no clarity on the potential for expansion heading into 2022, it appears that 12 teams of four are still set to compete in the next season. 


With limited starting spots on the line, it’s bound to be another shocking offseason. Here’s a complete overview of all the latest rostermania news to keep you up to date.

Current CDL rosters

Below is a look at every current CDL lineup at the conclusion of the 2021 season.

Team Starters
Substitute(s) Coach(es)
Dallas Empire Shotzzy iLLeY FeLo Rambo
Atlanta FaZe Simp aBeZy Cellium Arcitys Crowder, RJ, Easy Mac
OpTic Chicago Scump Dashy General Sender
Florida Mutineers Skyz Davpadie Owakening Havok Yeez
New York Subliners HyDra Clayster Revan, JPKrez
London Royal Ravens Afro
Toronto Ultra Bance Insight Cammy CleanX Hicksy MarkyB
Minnesota RØKKR Priestahh Attach MajorManiak Standy Saintt
Los Angeles Thieves Drazah Kenny Octane Envoy JKap
Paris Legion Theory
Seattle Surge Accuracy Mack Sib Pred Fenix
Los Angeles Guerrillas SlasheR Asim Huke Gunless Bevils, Ricky

Offseason CDL roster changes

October 29

  • Cheen: F/A → Retired

October 23

  • Nubzy: F/A (Coach) → Retired

October 22

  • Crimsix: Dallas Empire → New York Subliners

October 21

  • Neptune: F/A → New York Subliners
  • Vivid: Dallas Empire (RFA) → F/A

October 19

  • Hicksy: F/A → Toronto Ultra (sub)

October 16

  • AquA: F/A → Retired

October 8

  • Revan: F/A (Coach) → New York Subliners (Coach)
  • FeLo: Dallas Empire (sub) → F/A

October 6

  • Davpadie: F/A → Florida Mutineers
  • Neptune: Florida Mutineers → F/A

October 4

  • Apathy: F/A → Retired

September 20

  • Accuracy: F/A → Seattle Surge
  • Mack: F/A → Seattle Surge
  • Sib: F/A → Seattle Surge
  • Pred: F/A → Seattle Surge

September 17

  • Mack: New York Subliners → F/A
  • Fenix: F/A (Coach) → Seattle Surge (Coach)

September 10

  • Envoy: F/A → Los Angeles Thieves

September 9

  • Octane: Seattle Surge → Los Angeles Thieves

September 6

  • SlasheR: F/A → Los Angeles Guerrillas
  • Asim: NY Subliners → Los Angeles Guerrillas
  • Huke: LA Thieves → Los Angeles Guerrillas
  • Gunless: F/A → Los Angeles Guerrillas

September 1

  • SlasheR: LA Thieves → F/A
  • John: LA Thieves → F/A
  • TJHaLy: LA Thieves → F/A
  • Venom: LA Thieves → F/A

August 29

  • Diamondcon: New York Subliners → F/A
  • Apathy: Los Angeles Guerrillas → F/A
  • SiLLy: Los Angeles Guerrillas → F/A
  • Assault: Los Angeles Guerrillas → F/A
  • MentaL: Los Angeles Guerrillas → F/A
  • Cheen: Los Angeles Guerrillas (academy) → F/A
  • Nero: Los Angeles Guerrillas (academy) → F/A
  • Maux: Los Angeles Guerrillas (academy) → F/A
  • Exceed: Los Angeles Guerrillas (academy) → F/A
  • Seany: London Royal Ravens → F/A
  • Alexx: London Royal Ravens → F/A
  • PaulEhx: London Royal Ravens → F/A
  • Dylan: London Royal Ravens (sub) → F/A
  • Zed: London Royal Ravens (sub) → F/A
  • ShAne: London Royal Ravens (coach) → F/A
  • Methodz: Toronto Ultra (sub) → F/A

August 28

  • Envoy: OpTic Chicago  → F/A
  • FormaL: OpTic Chicago → Retired
  • TJHaLy: LA Thieves → F/A

August 27

  • Crimsix: Dallas Empire  → F/A
  • Vivid: Dallas Empire  → F/A
  • Skrapz: Paris Legion  → F/A
  • Zaptius: Paris Legion  → F/A
  • Temp: Paris Legion  → F/A
  • AquA: Paris Legion  → F/A

August 21

  • Octane: Seattle Surge  → F/A
  • Prestinni: Seattle Surge  → F/A
  • Classic: Seattle Surge  → F/A
  • Gunless: Seattle Surge  → F/A
  • Loony: Seattle Surge (sub) → F/A
  • JoeyNubzy: Seattle Surge (coach) → F/A

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