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Call of Duty League 2021 Power Rankings after CDL Stage 1 Major | Reverse Sweep

Published: 10/Mar/2021 17:00 Updated: 12/Mar/2021 13:33

by Jacob Hale


Stage 1 of the 2021 Call of Duty League season has officially ended, and our Reverse Sweep: CDL Power Rankings with Pacman and Enable are finally here!

After a tumultuous first stage of the season, the trophy was metaphorically raised by Atlanta FaZe, who beat Dallas Empire 5-2 in the Stage 1 Major Grand Final.

With Stage 1 now wrapped up, we’re joined by Pacman and Enable to see which teams are rising and falling in this week’s Reverse Sweep CDL Power Rankings hosted by Katie Bedford.

12. London Royal Ravens

London Royal Ravens Dylan CDL 2021
Call of Duty League
The Ravens have failed to register a single win so far.

No surprises here, as the ever-struggling London Royal Ravens failed to pick up a win at the Stage 1 Major, securing their spot at the bottom of the pack.


With numerous roster issues, including Alex ‘Alexx’ Carpenter missing out due to personal reasons, it was impressive that they took Toronto Ultra to a game 5. Again, though, it means nothing if you don’t get the win. The Ravens’ losing streak continues.

11. Seattle Surge

Call of Duty pro Octane
Call of Duty League
Octane’s performances just aren’t enough for Seattle to pick up many wins.

Seattle’s only win so far came on day one against London, and since then it’s looked like a repeat of last season. This was accentuated with a 3-1 loss to Florida Mutineers in the first round of loser’s bracket at the Major.

Enable is all too familiar with the Surge’s woes, and says that while the players are all great they’re just not good enough to compete right now.


10. Minnesota RØKKR

Minnesota ROKKR roster CDL 2021
Minnesota RØKKR
This brand new ROKKR squad aren’t quite able to get things going, especially in Hardpoint.

After starting the season off strong, Minnesota ended Stage 1 in a rut — seeing them plummet in our rankings.

The RØKKR’s main issue is obvious: they continue to lose Hardpoint matches. As the group points out, Minnesota are lucky Seattle and London are in the CDL, because “donating two maps a series” makes winning extremely difficult.

9. Paris Legion

Paris Legion CDL 2020
Call of Duty League
Paris Legion have decent potential, but need to start stringing together some wins.

There’s one resounding criticism of Paris Legion in our power rankings this week, echoed by both Enable and Pacman: “they don’t have as much potential as the other mid-pack teams.”

While Paris has shown much promise in the opening weeks of the CDL, it’s been a very turbulent time. Their quick 3-1 loss to Florida Mutineers proved that they might not have the upside we previously expected them to.


8. Los Angeles Guerrillas

la guerrillas 2021 cdl roster
LA Guerrillas
The LA Guerrillas will be hoping to find some form and consistency soon.

Despite coming out and “punishing” LA Thieves in the first round, Enable and Pac don’t put much stock into that performance, leaving them in the bottom half of the power rankings.

The 3-0 sweep was huge, no doubt, but as Pacman says, Thieves’ are a “streaky team” with “wack” fundamentals, and Guerrillas punished them for it. The win was a fluke, and we’ll have to see more before letting Guerrillas move any further up the standings.

7. Toronto Ultra

Despite showing great resilience in five-map series versus London and Minnesota, Toronto looked lost when they faced one of the ‘big dogs’ in LA Thieves.


Enable is the first to admit that they didn’t look the best, but having “seen glimpses of what they could be,” Toronto are one of the most promising teams among the middle of the pack.

6. Florida Mutineers

Slacked Florida Mutineers CDL 2021
Call of Duty League
The Mutineers had a strong showing at the Major, and have huge potential going forward.

Florida had a solid run at the Major, and their game isn’t showing signs of slowing down, even taking New York Subliners to a game five.

As Pac and Enable agree, Florida has the potential to be a top four team in Cold War. Enable says “When I look at them, the players, the talent they have… they can bridge the gap.” There’s clearly room for growth with the Mutineers, and once they hit their stride they could become scary.


5. LA Thieves

Kenny LA Thieves CDL 2021
Call of Duty League
Kenny is back under the Thieves banner and frying once again.

Pac very clearly believes that LA Thieves are far behind New York Subliners now. Enable’s 100T bias showed, though, claiming that the disparity between the two teams is much shorter than Pac says.

Ultimately, as Pacman says, it comes down to how LA wants to play on the day — which isn’t great for a championship-aspiring team. Thieves came 5-6th at the Major and were completely dismantled by Guerrillas and OpTic Chicago, proving that they need to put in the work if they want to rub shoulders with the best.

4. New York Subliners

The Subliners went on a huge losers bracket run at the Major, beating Florida, Guerrillas and OpTic before a tough 3-0 loss to Dallas Empire.

It’s clear that they move above LA Thieves in the power rankings due to their win over the side, but these top five teams are really a world apart from those below them for now. Though New York beat Chicago, it’s hard to shift them into that top three just yet simply because OpTic have been far more consistent and played the top teams closer.

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3. OpTic Chicago

scump and dashy optic chicago cdl 2021
Call of Duty League
OpTic have the potential to be the best team in the game.

OpTic have been one of the best teams in the CDL, there’s no denying — but they’re not quite able to close in on those top two spots. They came fourth at the Major, including a close 3-2 with Dallas Empire. But how close actually are they to fighting for top spot alongside Dallas and Atlanta?

To Pacman and Enable, it comes down to their performances against the rest of the CDL teams. OpTic can go toe-to-toe with the best, but aren’t as convincing against the rest of the pack. They agree, though, that Dallas and Atlanta win every time when it comes to the lower-table squads.

2. Dallas Empire

dallas empire crimsix call of duty league 2021
Call of Duty League
Crimsix’s Dallas Empire look set for another strong year.

Perennial silver surfers in our CDL 2021 power rankings, Dallas Empire have struggled to live up to expectations after their inaugural season win.

The group agrees that Dallas is a way ahead of the rest of the pack, but when it comes down to it, they’re simply not as good as Atlanta FaZe, as proven by their 8-2 combined loss on Championship Sunday.

1. Atlanta FaZe

Atlanta FaZe CDL Stage 1 Major champions
Call of Duty League
Atlanta FaZe dismantled Dallas Empire to become Stage 1 Major champions.

Enable says it best: FaZe is by far the best team. They have “no weaknesses,” and give teams “no opportunity to capitalize on them.” They’re simply just that good.

Dropping only two maps in the Major, both coming in the best-of-nine Grand Final, Atlanta showed that they’re not completely faultless, but it’s very few and far between. MVP-calibre performances from the entire squad have become the norm, and that was perfectly exemplified in their demolishing of Dallas Empire.

So, that’s the latest edition of the Reverse Sweep: CDL Power Rankings. Do you agree with our list? Make sure to tweet us at @DexertoIntel and let us know.

Reverse Sweep CDL Power Rankings after Stage 1 Major
Reverse Sweep CDL Power Rankings after Stage 1 Major.

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