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Call of Duty

Call of Duty’s surprise best team?! | CDL Review

Published: 15/Jun/2021 23:14 Updated: 17/Jun/2021 11:21

by Alan Bernal


The Call of Duty League is heading into the Stage 4 Major, and the Reverse Sweep crew is here to catch you up on the action thus far. Join Ian ‘Enable’ Wyatt, Jonathan ‘Pacman’ Tucker & Katie Bedford as we take apart the biggest points of Stage 4 Week 3.

Taking the good with the bad, it’s time to be honest and Katie, Enable & Pacman gave their unfiltered review of Week 3!

This week’s episode, the Reverse Sweep collective take a look at Toronto Ultra’s surprise form going into the Major, the continued struggles of the LA Thieves, and more.

Seattle can Surge (to a point)

Just before the Stage 4 Major, Seattle Surge had a really impressive showing against Chicago OpTic, but followed that up with a loss to Paris Legion.


Pacman says this is a small sample in the larger scope of Seattle’s potential: they can have solid wins against good teams in the league, but consistency issues are likely going to hinder them at the Major.

Expect Ultra to be just as good on LAN

What started as memes is turn into real questions of whether Ultra are only good because of online play. Pacman and Enable don’t think people should buy into those critiques.

The Toronto Ultra are a good team and have a great chance to surprise the elite orgs at the Major. They have excellent comms in tense situations and the skill to put away top teams. Watch out for the Ultra come playoffs.


Giving up on explain LA Thieves’ woes

The LA Thieves roster is stacked. We know this about them. But something Enable doesn’t know is why this lineup still can’t find sustained success in the league.

But LAT’s management still hasn’t found the winning formula late in the season. Individually, these players are studs, but this iteration needs a lot more time to gel together before being a title contender.

Fighting for your CDL job

Outside of a few names like Scrapz, Octane, Gunless, or the like, teammates in the bottom four of the league are fighting to impress in the final stretch before Champs.

Mathematically, there’s not much hope for Paris or Seattle, but it doesn’t mean that those teams can’t still play spoiler in Stage 5.


This could mean either new players from Challengers will come out to impress in the next stage, or it will be some people’s last chance to prove their worth to their org.

The good, the bad, the ugly

With a persistent performance in the last few weeks, Toronto and Florida had standouts that deserved recognition from the Reverse Sweep crew.

As for the LVPs, there’s something to say about the LA Thieves run in the CDL recently, as well as the one of the pivotal cogs in the Mutineers machine. For the full Reverse Sweep review, check out the full video!

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