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Call of Dutys Blackout Beta has Death Voice Chat

Published: 11/Sep/2018 9:22 Updated: 11/Sep/2018 9:36

by Matt Porter


100 Thieves streamer NoahJ456 found out that Call of Duty’s Blackout beta has voice chat from dead opponents in a hilarious fashion.

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Noah was working his way around the Hydro Dam, located in the northeast of the map, when he ran head first into an enemy. Noah was able to react first, firing the first shot at his opponent and taking them down with minimal health left. 

As Noah celebrated his kill it became clear that Blackout allowed you to hear the voice chat of those you just eliminated. Noah ran over to loot his opponents body, but as he moved, a yell of “Bitch!” was roared by his fallen adversary, much to the delight of the streamer.


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Players will be able to hear opponents they’ve killed in the moments after their death, as long as they have a microphone connected and are not in a party chat.

Death voice chat has been a feature in Call of Duty in the past. During multiplayer matches, players have long been able to hear their enemies after they’ve been killed but it was uncertain whether it would be included in Call of Duty’s first battle royale title.

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The inclusion of death voice chat in Blackout will be a popular feature amongst players and streamers, as players inevitably reacting to their death will surely lead to some funny clips for both players and streamers. 


Call of Dutys Blackout beta went live on PlayStation 4 on Monday, September 10, with Xbox and PC versions going live on Friday, September 14.