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Call of Duty Cold War players surprised to find “c**k” in a truck

Published: 13/Aug/2021 1:23

by Theo Salaun


It’s not every day that a Call of Duty writer gets to drop a title like this, but this is one such day. Black Ops Cold War players have made a startling easter egg discovery: a c**k in the front seat of a map’s truck.

The latest episode of “what did I just see on Reddit” is a good one. This time, Call of Duty players have made the connection between a 2020 Black Ops map and a 1999 Counter-Strike map, all tied together by a love for… cockpit jokes.

And it can all be seen in one, potato-quality video, possibly of a player recording their TV with a phone. 


As posted by ‘spicemonkey’ on Reddit, the Cold War Cartel map has a truck and within that truck is a not-so-subtle easter egg. You have to look closely to see it, ideally with a large optic, but if you want to prove that size doesn’t matter — you can probably just walk up to the vehicle and peek inside yourself.

sorry for the potato quality, BUT! anyone else ever notice this cock in the truck????! from blackopscoldwar

As spicemonkey shows, there is a rooster sitting in the front of the Cartel’s truck. Or, as they so eloquently put it, there is a “c**k in the truck.” (Yes, the term is safe for work according to animal husbandry usage. No, we are still not allowed to write it out.)


While the bird itself is a funny thing to notice in the game, there is more than meets the eye. As the Reddit community has pointed out, this is a classic “cockpit” joke and one that has appeared in earlier video games as well.

A user by the name of ‘Mr_Alucardo’ noted that this easter egg may actually be a reference to 1999’s CS beta, where the Italy map also has a “c**k in the truck.”

csgo rooster
Twittter, @csgo
CS is known for involving roosters.

Whatever the origin story may be, people are getting a kick out of this new discovery (phew, almost forgot the “s” there), but do have a simple concern: is the rooster safe in there? Cartel, located in Nicaragua, is presumably a hot map — so there are reasonable worries that the truck’s passenger may be under stress.


The game’s developers at Treyarch have yet to explain why the truck’s windows have not been lowered to provide better airflow for this new fan-favorite rooster. Hopefully they do so in the Season 5 update.