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Call of Duty

Call of Duty becomes Battlefield with 100+ player Ground War – details and more

Published: 1/Aug/2019 18:02 Updated: 1/Aug/2019 18:13

by Michael Gwilliam


Call of Duty Modern Warfare is pulling out all the stops with a new game mode called Ground War in which over 100 players can be in on the action – something that has previously been more in-line with the Battlefield series. 

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Gamespot got a hands-on preview of the multiplayer on a smaller scale with 20 players on each time. They said the mode takes advantage of the series’ new approach to map design with an emphasis on freestanding buildings and power positions. 

In order to win, teams had to hold down key areas of the map with soldiers in high places.


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Killstreaks were going off all the time with vehicles crushing infantry while UAVs and helicopters took over the skies. While the 20-player format wasn’t “overwhelming”, the site does, however, wonder how big maps will have to be to facilitate so much chaos with 100 players on the battlefield.

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Gamespot does believe there will be changes to the mode going forward, so it’s possible that Killstreaks will be toned down before the open beta in September and when the game ships in October. 

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Massive team-based battleground game modes are nothing new. The Battlefield series and Star Wars Battlefront have both had modes in which a large amount of players can duke in out on land and air.

In 2010, a PlayStation 3 exclusive first-person shooter called M.A.G was released which boasted a total player count of 256 – a number that set a world record. Its servers were shut down in 2014. 

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The Call of Duty Modern Warfare beta begins exclusively on PS4 September 12-13 and then the open beta kicks September 14-16. 

The crossplay testing beta starts September 19 and runs until the 20 on PC and Xbox One; Open Beta, PlayStation 4. The open beta for crossplay will run from September 21-23. 


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Call of Duty Modern Warfare is scheduled to be released on October 25, 2019.