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Broken pings in Warzone ruining teamwork seriously need to be fixed

Published: 9/Jun/2021 13:51

by James Busby


Warzone’s live pings are incredibly important to securing kills and avoiding danger, but many players are now reporting that live pings are disappearing completely. 

Ping systems have been around in FPS games for a while now, especially in battle royale titles like Apex Legends, Fortnite, and PUBG. Not only do they enable players to instantly spot enemies, but they also give vital information without the need to break out your headset. When used in coordination with good shot-calling, pings can be incredibly effective at netting yourself and your squad plenty of kills. 

Unfortunately, Warzone players have found that the game’s ping system isn’t working as intended – in fact, in some cases pings aren’t working at all. While this may not be that impactful when playing with a premade squad, the lack of communication between randoms highlights this issue even further. 


Warzone’s broken ping system problem

warzone deployment
Pings are incredibly important in Warzone.

Ever since the Season 3 Reloaded update went live, several players have reported problems with Warzone’s ping system. Usually, when you mark an enemy player, it will appear as an indicator for all your teammates to see. However, it seems that a lot of pings are now instantly disappearing or going completely unregistered – causing huge frustrations and leading to deaths that could otherwise be avoided. 

“I am so tired of live pinging someone and it disappearing instantly,” says kbX1. “It’s frustrating because it’s not like it leaves a regular ping in its place, so my teammates will have no idea where to look.” It’s not just kbX1 that has been encountering this issue as numerous players reached out to state that they had also been impacted by this bug. 


Zordaya Prison Complex
Spotting enemies for your teammates can net them plenty of kills.

Many Warzone fans believe that the issue is down to the state of the servers, which is leading to the pings not working as intended. “It’s because their servers have been dog s**t since the mid-season update,” says SpaceCommanderNix. “Your live ping isn’t reaching the server sometimes. It’s not the only bug right now that can easily be attributed to how bad their f***ing servers are.”

Warzone isn’t the only Call of Duty title that has been struggling with bugs. In fact, Treyarch recently responded to a strange issue that removed teammate nameplates in Cold War’s standard multiplayer modes. While Raven Software has yet to make an official announcement on the ping problem, it’s hoped the Warzone developers come up with a quick fix soon.