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Blind Call of Duty player picks up first Black Ops 4 elimination

Published: 21/Oct/2018 0:17 Updated: 21/Oct/2018 4:13

by Vincent Genova


A blind gamer is able to pick up eliminations in Call of Duty using only the sounds of the game.

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tj_the_blind_gamer announced his first elimination in Black Ops 4 multiplayer in a post on reddit.

Previously, TJ recorded 10,000 eliminations in Call of Duty World War 2 using only his ears and the vibration of the controller to locate enemy players.

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He lost vision in his right eye when he was five years old, then his left eye went at 14, leaving him completely blind.

TJ did not let his lack of vision stop him from enjoying Call of Duty and hopes to inspire others with disabilities, saying “I believe, if I can get kills in the thousands without being able to see the game, then hopefully other disabled people can learn and manage to perform decently well.”


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When it comes to Black Ops 4, TJ has found the new and improved Zombie mode to be more enjoyable so far.

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You can follow him on his YouTube channel under tj the blind gamer, and on Twitch at tj_the_blind_gamer.

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