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Black Ops 4’s Blackout Battle Royale Steals Dr. Disrespect’s Red Dead 2 Hype

Published: 10/Sep/2018 17:45 Updated: 4/Mar/2021 14:33

by Bill Cooney


The beta for Call of Duty Black Ops 4’s new Battle Royale mode “Blackout” became available for play on Monday, Sept. 10 and wasted no time in stealing the spotlight from other games.

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On Monday, September 9, Twitch Streamer Dr Disrespect responded to a viewer asking whether the entertainer was still excited for Red Dead Redemption’s Battle Royale mode.

“I’m in a wingsuit going 400 mph through the air, with an AK and a rocket next to me, ready to kill, ready to jump into a helicopter, maybe even a jetski,” Disrespect said in response to the viewer.


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Blackout is Call of Duty Black Ops 4’s Battle Royale mode and sends players flying onto the map with a wingsuit instead of out of a Battle Bus.

Disrespect also seems to be really excited about the jet skis in Blackout. Like, really excited:

“Going down a river butt-naked with Vaseline from head to tippy-toe, faster than anyone you’ve ever seen on a jet ski,” Disrespect continued.

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“Killing people, getting to the final circle, top ten, running around, double jumping, sliding my way to a victory and you’re talking about me being excited riding around on some horses going ‘yee-haw’?”


Seems like Blackout has already changed the priorities of some in the community. Could Call of Duty be the next big thing in Battle Royale? The Blackout beta is currently live, so go see for yourself!