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Black Ops Cold War Zombies fan beats Die Maschine easter egg with a piano

Published: 1/Feb/2021 23:48

by Tanner Pierce


In case you ever wanted to feel worse about not completing the main quest in Die Maschine, one Black Ops Cold War fan has managed to beat the map’s main easter egg while only using a piano keyboard as a controller.

Using weird and unusual controller’s to play Call of Duty games is nothing new. One streamer famously uses recorders, guitars, and other instruments to play Modern Warfare, Warzone, and Black Ops Cold War, usually to disastrous results.

While these controllers are usually incredibly hard to use, one content creator has not only used one but has made quite an impressive feat while doing so.


YouTuber WhoovieCOD recently played Black Ops Cold War Zombies using only an electronic piano keyboard and even ended up completing the main easter egg quest on Die Maschine. Not only was he able to beat it using the instrument but he also did it solo, making the feat all the more impressive.

YouTuber WhoovieCOD was able to beat the Die Maschine Easter Egg on his 11th attempt with a literal keyboard.

According to the YouTuber, he was able to complete the egg using the keyboard on his eleventh try. While that might seem like a large amount of attempts for a normal player, when you consider the fact that he’s using a “controller” that wasn’t designed for games, it actually becomes stunning that it didn’t take more.


For the most part, it seems like a genuine run using only the keyboard. The only time he uses a mouse, according to the video, is when he has to select a perk at the Der Wunderfiz machine and that seemed to be the case because he couldn’t select it with the keyboard itself.

WhoovieCOD chronicled his time completing the egg in a 13-minute YouTube video, which was obviously compressed for time, and it’s a pretty entertaining to watch. There’s even one point where the program for the keyboard freezes, resulting in him scrambling to get it up and running and pause the game before anything bad happens.


WhoovieCOD claims in the video that he is the first person in the world to beat the easter egg, or any COD Zombies easter egg, with a piano. Right now, it’s unknown whether or not either of these claims is actually true based on just the video, but nonetheless, it’s still impressive.

With the release of Firebase Z on February 4, 2021, one has to wonder if the YouTuber will attempt to complete that map’s main quest with a piano when it releases. Only time will tell.