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Black Ops Cold War players begging for nerfs to “overpowered” Flak Jacket perk

Published: 6/Mar/2021 16:58

by Connor Bennett


Fans of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War have been complaining about Flak Jacket being slightly too OP as it’s giving players a major helping hand, even in Hardcore modes.

Since Black Ops Cold War released back in November, there have been a number of updates to address various issues in-game.

Weapons have been buffed, and nerfed, perks have been tweaked, and changes have been made to game modes like Search and Destroy to make things a little more balanced.

However, Treyarch may have a new problem on their hands. Players have been voicing their concerns about the strength of Flak Jacket, as it’s helping players sponge repeated explosions – including in Hardcore game modes.


flak jacket in black ops cold war
Like with other CoD titles, Flak Jacket returned in Cold War.

Reddit user tf___ flagged the perk as being incredibly strong after a game of Hardcore Nuketown.

They had an enemy locked in the corner in the corner of the yellow house and proceeded to fire off a rocket launcher shot, as well as a semtex. Both times, the game registered hits, so they took a second rocket launcher shot.

Again, the game showed that a shot had been registered but all three had been stopped by Flak Jacket. That gave the enemy enough time to come out of their hiding hole, gun down the Redditor, and leave them fuming about how they hadn’t gotten a kill.


This is not ok from blackopscoldwar

Other players couldn’t quite believe what they’d seen, some blaming the splash damage of the launcher that tf___ had been using, and others criticizing the “overpowered” strength of the classic CoD perk.

“Flak jacket should break if you take a certain amount of damage from explosives,” one player suggested – making it similar to Warzone’s armor plates. “Flack jacket should only resist one close impact launcher shot, but you should die to a direct impact,” suggested another.

What makes it even more annoying for players is that, to get Dark Matter ultra, you need to have every weapon – including launchers – completed. So you can’t avoid using them. Treyarch have teased changes before, but more may be needed.