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Black Ops 4: Could the return of Cryptokeys help players rank up in the Black Market?

Published: 2/Nov/2018 16:58 Updated: 2/Nov/2018 17:08

by Matt Porter


An avid fan of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is calling for the return of Cryptokeys as a way to level up their Black Market pass quicker.

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Since the introduction of the Black Market, players have felt that it takes too long to unlock new tiers, and have been calling for a way to gain access to new items and skins.

A Reddit user named ‘Logjamz’ agrees with the sentiment, and believes Treyarch have already created the answer – the return of the in-game currency first seen in Black Ops 3.

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Cryptokeys were free currency earned by Call of Duty fans every time they played a match on Black Ops 3. Logjamz suggests that if the currency return to the franchise in Black Ops 4, players could use them to purchase new tiers in the Black Market, in the same way that CoD Points can be used now.


Cryptokeys could also be used in other exciting ways, with Logjamz suggesting that Treyarch could bring back Wager Matches, and could even be used to allow players to place bets on where they would place in a Blackout match.

We need a secondary currency that can’t be purchased from r/Blackops4

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As it stands, the only way to level up tiers on the Black Market is playing earning XP in games, or buy spending CoD Points to obtain the next available level.

It would cost around $200 to unlock all 200 tiers, but there are ways to unlock every item available in the Black Market without spending a cent.

Unfortunately, there is currently no official plan to bring Cryptokeys back to the Call of Duty franchise, so fans will need to keep grinding if they hope to unlock all the items that come with the Black Market.