Black Ops 4 cheaters are abusing an infuriating Skulker glitch, as pro player KiLLa found out - Dexerto
Call of Duty

Black Ops 4 cheaters are abusing an infuriating Skulker glitch, as pro player KiLLa found out

Published: 26/Oct/2018 11:28

by Ross Deason


It’s generally accepted that cheating in video games on a modern console is virtually impossible due to the numerous restrictions on things like third-party software.

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However, when an in-game exploit is discovered there is very little that can be done to stop individuals from abusing it until the developers of said game are able to patch it.

Unfortunately, such an exploit has been discovered in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and it totally ruins the game for anyone playing against the person that decides to abuse it.

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The movement glitch, which is linked to the Skulker perk, allows players to slide around in a crouched position at an alarming speed, making them virtually impossible to hit or play against.


Former Call of Duty world champion Adam ‘KiLLa’ Sloss fell foul of a handful of the players using the glitch during a recent Twitch stream and was clearly gobsmacked by what he was witnessing:

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Unfortunately, it didn’t end there for KiLLa as the players in question continued to abuse the infuriating glitch in the following game.

“There is no way this kid is serious!” the veteran player fumed as he died to one of the cheaters yet again.

Although not ‘hacking’ per se, it seems unlikely that players abusing such a clear exploit will escape the wrath of Treyarch, the game’s developers.


The issue has also been raised on the Black Ops 4 subreddit, with users claiming that it can only be done with the help of a teammate and reminding players that encounter people using the glitch to report them through the Black Ops 4 menu.

We will not be sharing information on how to repeat this exploit and advise everyone not use it. Doing so could result in a game ban.

While Treyarch have not yet commented on the matter officially, it seems likely that the issue will be fixed in the game’s next update.