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Bizarre Warzone connection bug freezes players in sky for easy kills

Published: 5/Oct/2021 0:05

by Theo Salaun


Connectivity bugs are nothing new for multiplayer gamers, but a recent Call of Duty: Warzone clip takes them to another level. Apparently, players can now freeze mid-air for easy, albeit unsatisfying free kills.

Most online multiplayer players have experienced some degree of lag. And the brief stutters can feel even worse in FPS (first-person shooter) titles. When each moment is so impactful and every bullet counts, lag is a killer.

But you know connectivity bugs are especially bad when opponents don’t feel comfortable taking the glitched kill.

That was the case for Reddit’s ‘jarstelfox,’ who was hanging out in Plunder when they saw someone dangling mid-air. And it’s one of the most bizarre Warzone lag bugs we’ve seen. So weird that even jarstelfox felt rude killing the frozen, gravity-defying victim.


Bugged Warzone player freezes mid-air

Why is this normal? I feel bad for them, honestly from CODWarzone

As you can see in the clip, jarstel was looking outside with their Kar98k when they noticed an oddity. Amid birds flying and other people deploying, one enemy was simply frozen in place — parachute suspended.

After looking at them for a little, jarstel finally shoots for the down. Then, while they’re still stuck in some standing mid-air pose, the Kar98 finishes the job. And no, it wasn’t satisfying for the sniper, who ended his Reddit title with some remorse: “I feel bad for them, honestly.”

best warzone kar98k loadout
The Kar98 is a perfect gun for putting glitched players out of their misery.

It’s pretty brutal when lag goes this far and apparently this victim isn’t the only one who’s experienced it. In the replies, ‘kikkeroku’ explained that they’ve gone through the same troubles.


Happened to me in Gulag a couple of times, no idea why. I have no connection issues and then just out of the blue everything freezes. And watching the killcam is exactly like this; I’m just frozen in there.”

So, ultimately, maybe this is just outrageous lag and not a bug? But, regardless, it definitely feels a little worse than just your standard connectivity problems — and it’s completely bizarre to run into.