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Bizarre Warzone bug makes Bounty contracts virtually impossible to complete

Published: 26/Jun/2021 23:44

by Julian Young


The latest bug in Warzone Season 4 is causing bounty contracts to enter a bugged state where they become impossible to complete — even after taking out the enemy player marked for elimination by the game.

Warzone Season 4 has largely been a smash hit, changing up the Verdansk ’84 map, adding new weapons for players to try (that were quickly hit by major nerfs for being too OP), and shaking up the game’s overall meta in a new and refreshing way.

Despite the high points, Warzone’s newest season has not come without its own set of issues. Players are begging for changes to Dead Silence, while some parts of the new Red Door fast travel system were turning into death traps for unsuspecting operators.


Now, another bug has seemingly been introduced, this time affecting bounty contracts. Shared by popular streamer ‘its_iron,’ the glitch is stopping players from completing bounty contracts no matter how many marked opponents they successfully eliminate.

Call of Duty Warzone Most Wanted Contract
Contracts are hugely important in Warzone, and being unable to complete them throws a major wrench into the gameplay loop.

While streaming Warzone and playing with some of his fellow pros and content creators, Iron’s team picked up a bounty contract and set off for Farmland to hunt down their target.

The streamer and his teammates quickly swooped in on their helis and engaged the enemy squad. After a brief firefight, all four opponents were swiftly eliminated, but Iron and his team quickly realized something was amiss.


“Wait, the bounty’s still here,” one player remarked as the tracker remained on screen. “He went to [the] Gulag,” another teammate replied, after which Iron brought up his map and confirmed the bounty icon was still active, outside the playable area — but inside the Gulag.

“Our bounty is in the Gulag, heck yeah!” Iron remarked sarcastically after realizing what had just happened. “Glad this game is bug-free,” he went on, joking with his chat and teammates about the near-constant presence of glitches in Verdansk.

Even though Iron picked up on the bug, others did not. “How did we not kill our bounty?” one teammate asked, still confused. “He’s in Gulag, we did kill him,” Iron responded. “So it’s just bugged?” the other player questioned, and Iron confirmed that was indeed the case.


While not as completely game-breaking as some other Warzone bugs we’ve seen, this is certainly an annoying occurrence, as players can waste precious time and resources hunting down marked enemies only to have nothing to show for their efforts in the end.

It doesn’t appear that Raven Software is aware of the bounty contract issue at the time of writing, but they will likely catch wind of it soon and respond with a quick fix to make sure bounty contracts go back to functioning the way they were intended.