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Bizarre Modern Warfare bug brings Warzone armor plates to multiplayer

Published: 4/Aug/2020 15:07

by Jacob Hale


A strange Modern Warfare bug is bringing Warzone’s armor plates to the game’s multiplayer modes — and nobody can figure out why.

Warzone has been a huge hit as a battle royale spinoff of the Call of Duty franchise, but for all intents and purposes, the two are very much separated for the most part and fundamentally treated as two different games.

Although you can do certain things in multiplayer to help yourself out in Warzone, such as level up weapons or unlock new skins, there’s not really anything you can bring from Warzone into multiplayer — at least, there isn’t supposed to be.


Warzone armor plate
Armor Plates are a Warzone item that help players up their health.

It’s unclear how long this bug has been in the game for, or what’s causing it, but it looks like players are able to gain some extra health in regular multiplayer thanks to Warzone’s armor plates.

As shown in the clip below, a hardcore game — where players usually have minimal health — was being slowed down by a player that survived much longer than he should have.

Upon closer inspection, you can actually see the player has a little symbol pop up when hit — the same that appears when hitting enemies wearing armor plates in Warzone.

The clip, posted by Blaine_0415, sees several shots and two melees finally finish off the enemy, which is simply absurd in any hardcore mode.


So I was in hardcore and I came across these people with armor plates? I’ve never seen this and I cant find anything about them on the internet. Hacking maybe? This happend many times during the game with 2 guys on their team. from r/modernwarfare

As mentioned, there doesn’t seem to be any clear reason for this happening. It may be an intentional exploit made by the player to give themselves extra health, but it could also be an accidental bug that the player themself is also clueless about.

It’s likely Infinity Ward will want to get this issue figured out and fixed as soon as possible, but thus far they are yet to acknowledge or comment on the issue — especially with Season 5 about to kick off.