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Best Warzone TikTokers to follow: JGOD, Loochy & more

Published: 21/Jun/2021 12:16

by Daniel Megarry


From well-known streamers like Tfue and JGOD to the best advice from DLUCZS and imDiez, these are the Warzone TikTokers you should be following right now.

TikTok is the perfect place to browse for bitesize tips and tricks, so it’s only natural that Warzone players have also found a home on the viral app, sharing their secrets for getting ahead in the game as well as showing off their best plays.

Whether you’re hunting for the latest killer loadout for your go-to weapon, or the must-know advice for mastering the Verdansk map to give you an advantage, these Warzone Tiktokers have everything you need.


Loochy (@loochytv)

@loochytvYa’ll rockin with Aaron? ##warzone ##loochytv ##codwarzone♬ original sound – Jason

There’s a reason why Loochy has over 60 million likes on TikTok. His content is snappy, high quality, and full of charisma – the perfect TikTok formula. As well as opinions on the best weapons and loadouts in Warzone, Loochy regularly shares recaps of the funniest encounters he’s had in the game, making for a well-rounded entry-point into Warzone TikTok.

JGOD (@jgodyt)

@jgodytTry This No Recoil M13/MP7 Class Setup in Warzone ##warzone ##callofdutywarzone##warzoneclips ##warzonetips ##jgod ##warzonebestclips ##verdansk84♬ original sound – JGOD

Plenty of Warzone fans already count JGOD as their go-to loadout expert, and if you’re not one of them, it’s time to find out why. The popular streamer has over one million followers on YouTube thanks to his in-depth rankings and meta examinations, and now he’s quickly climbing the TikTok ranks with snappy class setups and loadouts for all the best weapons, with views regularly in the hundreds of thousands.


imDiez (@im.diez)

@im.diezTHE BEST CONTROLLER SETTINGS 📝🎮 ##warzonetips ##warzone ##verdansk♬ She Share Story (for Vlog) – 山口夕依

If you’re looking for general Warzone tips and tricks, imDiez is your guy. He’s relatively new to the Warzone TikTok scene, but he’s already racked up over 200,000 followers thanks to his expert advice on everything from the best controller settings to fixing frustrating FPS drops.

Tfue (@tfue)

@tfuebeamed ##trending ##gaming ##cod ##callofduty ##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupage♬ original sound – Tfue

He may have made a name for himself as a Fortnite champion, but Tfue has since been exploring other popular multiplayer games and seems to have settled on Warzone. He’s putting those honed FPS skills on display through his TikTok, with clips showing him taking down helicopters and sniping enemies from impressive distances – all of which has earned him over 2 million followers on the viral app.


DLUCZ (@itsdlucz)

@itsdlucz##warzonetips ##warzonemovement ##warzonetipsandtricks ##wztips ##warzonehighlight♬ original sound – ItsDLUCZ

One of the best TikTokers sharing advice on getting better at Warzone is DLUCZ, who goes beyond the usual loadouts and class setups with tips and tricks you might not find elsewhere. He’s got advice on improving your accuracy, mastering specific locations on the Verdansk map, and even movement tips to predict where your enemies are going to be looking.

KARdog (@thekardog)

@thekardog##Warzone ##season3 ##codtips ##loadout ##callofduty ##foryou ##gaming Fresh Loadout, steaming hot.♬ I Don’t Miss – G Street Legends

Twitch streamer KARdog also has a popular TikTok account. As well as sharing ‘need to know’ tips to help you improve your game, he’s got plenty of hot takes on the issues affecting the community like cheaters, bots, and ban waves. He also shares his thoughts and advice on the new features introduced each season, making his TikTok page a good place to keep up to date with all things Warzone.


MarkClarkk (@markclarkk)

@markclarkkFix this ASAP 😳 ##codwarzone♬ Drive Forever – Remix – Sergio Valentino

While many Warzone TikTokers focus on sharing their best plays or teaching followers how to get better at the game, MarkClarkk is all about having fun. There’s plenty of relatable Warzone content on his page, and he’s not afraid to share his biggest fails from Verdansk and the Gulag. There are some genuinely helpful tips too, meaning there’s a lot to enjoy here.

DiazBiffle (@diazbiffle)

@diazbiffleHow did that happen? 🤯 ##codtiktok ##codwarzone ##warzone ##callofduty ##diazbiffle♬ What’s Next – Drake

Want content direct from one of the best (and highest-earning) Warzone players right now? Look no further than DiazBiffle. Over on his TikTok, he shares clips of his Warzone streams and also advice on the best loadouts. He doesn’t post as regularly as others on this list, but when he does it’s genuinely impressive – like that time he managed to get 71 kills in a single match.


That’s it for our favorite Warzone Tiktokers. If you’re looking for more roundups, news, and guides, make sure you check out our dedicated Warzone home page.