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Best STG44 Vanguard class loadout: Attachments, Perks, Proficiency, Setup

Published: 29/Oct/2021 3:25 Updated: 1/Nov/2021 22:04

by Brad Norton


If you’re looking for the best Assault Rifle loadout in CoD Vanguard, you can’t go wrong with the well-balanced STG44. From the strongest attachments to game-changing weapon perks, here’s the best STG44 loadout in Vanguard to get you atop the scoreboards.

Although you may be used to how the Gunsmith works in CoD, Vanguard ramps things up a notch. This time around, you’ve got 10 different attachment types to work with in order to get the most out of your favorite gun.

Everything from Ammo Type down to Weapon Proficiency will fundamentally change how your loadout works. Whether you’re after an agile build with movement speed over all else, or a lethal class focused on damage, the choice is all yours.


But for the most well-rounded AR loadout in Vanguard, here’s our ultimate STG44 setup to get you ahead of everyone else in the game


Best STG44 Vanguard loadout

CoD Vanguard STG44 loadout
The STG44 is a well-rounded AR in Vanguard that can excel with the right build.
  • Muzzle: F8 Stabilizer
  • Barrel: Krausnick 317MM 04B
  • Optic: Spitfire MK.3 Reflector
  • Stock: Removed Stock
  • Underbarrel: M1941 Handstop
  • Magazine: .30 Russian Short 20 Round Mags
  • Ammo Type: Lengthened
  • Rear Grip: Stippled Grip
  • Proficiency: Vital
  • Kit: On-Hand

With 10 different attachment types to consider, it can be difficult figuring out where to even start. So for a comprehensive overview of this build, let’s break down every STG44 attachment to understand how they help.

Up first comes the F8 Stabilizer Muzzle along with the Krausnick 317MM 04B Barrel. Together, these combine for improved accuracy, damage range, and reduced weapon sway. These are essential in making the STG44 a laser, but they come at the cost of ADS speed and sprint to fire speed. As a result, much of this build focuses on compensating for those losses.


When it comes to picking an Optic, this is purely down to your personal preference. However, you don’t want one that impacts ADS speed. For this build, we went with the Spitfire MK.3 Reflector for something simple in order to avoid any huge downsides.

Removed Stock Vanguard
Removing the STG stock will keep you agile.

Next, we decided to run with the Removed Stock option to start combating the negative effects of earlier attachments. With this equipped, your movement speed, ADS speed, and sprint to fire speed will all be improved. Stacking too many attachments in favor of accuracy will leave you flat-footed and slow to the draw, so this attachment is crucial to keeping you well-balanced.


The M1941 Handstop Underbarrel complements this STG build nicely as well, adding even more recoil control to keep your shots on point.

Short Round attachment
While the Short Round Mag will limit your clip, added damage is just too important to ignore.

Things start to get crazy when it comes time to settle on a Magazine. For this optimal STG loadout, we’ve gone with the .30 Russian Short 20 Round Mags to drastically improve your damage. While it cuts your magazines down to just 20 bullets and even impacts your recoil somewhat, the positives definitely outweigh the negatives.

With this attachment, you’ll have not just improved damage, but quicker reloads, and most importantly, improved bullet velocity. This means your shots will land much quicker than usual, helping you win just about every gunfight.


To that point, Lengthened is a great Ammo Type to equip in order to further optimize bullet velocity. With this AR setup, you’ll be connecting almost instantly.

Stippled Grip
Stippled Grip is one of the final STG attachments you’ll unlock, but the grind is well worth it.

Wrapping things up we have the Stippled Grip attachment for the Rear Grip of the STG. Once again this helps improve recoil, but more importantly, it helps with initial accuracy.

Last but not least we have AR weapon perks. For Proficiency, we went with Vital to expand critical hitboxes. This means you don’t necessarily need a headshot to deal maximum damage with the STG.

Meanwhile, for the Kit, we have On-Hand so that you can get back to firing the AR after using various equipment.


Best STG44 Vanguard class (Perks, Equipment, & Field Upgrade)

Vanguard perks
Ghost can’t be overlooked in any AR setup.
  • Perk 1: Ghost
  • Perk 2: Radar
  • Perk 3: Double Time
  • Secondary: Machine Pistol
  • Lethal: MK2 Frag Grenade
  • Tactical: Stim
  • Field Upgrade: Armor

For the remainder of your STG44 loadout, it’s crucial you select the right Perks, Equipment, and Field Upgrades to complement the deadly AR build.

When it comes to Perks, there are two clear-cut options you simply can’t overlook. Both Ghost and Radar are essentially must-picks in Vanguard, as they clearly outweigh any other choice in their respective categories.

Ghost keeps you off enemy minimaps when Spy Planes are flying overhead. Radar reverts your minimap back to how it’s always worked in CoD. When enemies fire unsilenced weapons, you’ll know exactly where they are.

For the final Perk, this is more down to personal preference but we’ve settled on Double Time. This will get you out of the spawn area quicker and back into the fight.

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With this STG setup, you’ll be able to focus on racking up kills without any distractions.

You won’t be swapping over to a secondary all too often, but it’s still handy to have a Machine Pistol on standby. If your smaller mags run out, quickly swapping to this beastly sidearm should keep you on your feet.

For Equipment, the standard MK2 Frag Grenade does the job no matter the game mode. Similarly, Stim is a must-pick to keep you alive and back at full health immediately after gunfights. Not only that, but it also resets your Tac Sprint as well.

Armor is undeniably one of the strongest Field Upgrades in Vanguard and it can’t go amiss with this AR loadout. The extra health will have you winning 1v1s with ease.

Vanguard Stim
Stim is a must-pick for any public game type in Vanguard.

So that’s everything included in our optimal STG44 loadout in Vanguard. While it remains one of the more well-rounded AR picks for now, balance updates are sure to change things around sooner or later.

Check back often as we’ll keep this loadout updated to reflect all the latest changes in every Vanguard update.

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