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Best SP-R208 Warzone loadout class: Attachments, setup, perks

Published: 27/Sep/2021 19:18

by James Busby


The SP-R208 may have been released for a while now, but it’s definitely still worth bringing into your matches to dominate your opponents.

The SPR-208 dropped in Warzone Season 2 and there were plenty of in-game changes to check out and get stuck into. As with every update, the meta has shifted and players are searching for the best weapons and loadouts to get an advantage on Verdansk.

While Cold War weapons are always the first on everyone’s radar, consider heading back to the days of Modern Warfare and picking up the deadly SP-R208 Marksmen rifle.

The gun performs very similarly to that of the Kar98K, giving players the ability to quickly pump out lethal headshots. It’s perfect with SMG or AR alongside it, providing players with kill potential from a distance.


If you’re a fan of marksman rifles or just want to see how lethal this weapon is, then you’ll want to add the SP-R208 to your collection. In order to help you get the most out of this gun, we’ve put together a balanced loadout that you can take into your matches right away. However, before we jump into that, let’s check out how you can unlock the weapon.


How to unlock the SP-R208 in Warzone

The SP-R-208 was released with Modern Warfare.

For those who didn’t unlock the SP-R208 in the battle pass when it was available, you’ll need to complete a challenge to unlock the weapon.


Unfortunately, this challenge is not easy but with enough patience and attempts, you’ll be able to pull it off. In order to unlock the SP-R-208, you’ll need to get two longshot kills that are headshots in five different matches with a Sniper or Marksmen rifle.

There’s no denying this is a tough challenge, but with enough practice at long-range, picking up kills with a sniper will gradually get easier.

Best SP-R208 loadout for Warzone

SP-R208 Warzone loadout
Activision / Infinity Ward
This loadout will allow you to grab those long-range headshots with ease.


  • Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor
  • Barrel: SP-R 26”
  • Optic: Variable Zoom Scope
  • Ammuntion: .338 Lapua Mag 5-R Mags
  • Bolt Assembly: Sloan KR-600 Feather


  • E.O.D
  • Overkill
  • Amped


  • Tactical: Heartbeat Sensor
  • Lethal: Semtex

The SP-R208 has absolutely incredible range when kitted out with these attachments and can effortlessly down opponents with just a few shots. This marksman rifle’s rapid chambering animation allows for some quick follow-up shots, giving you tremendous amounts of kill potential at mid to long-range distances. 


If you’ve followed our other meta loadout guides, it should come as no surprise that we’ve equipped the Monolithic Suppressor. This mighty muzzle increases the SP-R208’s damage range and keeps your shots suppressed, making it a must for those that wish to kill their enemies without compromising their position. 

Both the SP-R 26” barrel and .338 Lapua Mag 5-R Mags effectively max the SP-R208’s damage range, allowing you to kill enemies in long-distance engagements. If that wasn’t enough, both attachments increase the rifle’s bullet velocity, so you won’t need to lead your shots that much when going for those cross-map kills.


Even if you do end up missing a bullet or two, the Sloan KR-600 Feather increases your rechamber speed. This effectively enables you to keep pressuring your foes and claim kills against even the most well-armored of targets. 

Lastly, the Variable Zoom Scope is one of the two viable options in Warzone, especially if you’re looking to use the SP-R208 as your standard sniper class. This scope offers 3.5x and 8.0x magnification levels, offering great coverage across most distances. 

Alternative to the SP-R208 loadout

Kar98k loadout
The Kar98k is one of the best sniper rifles in Season 5.

If you’re looking for an alternative loadout to the SP-R208, check out out Kar98 loadout. This sniper rifles has been known to be one of the best, if not the best sniper rifle in Warzone for many consecutive seasons.


Thanks to it’s high damage output, and great mobility, the Kar98 is definitely a great choice for an alternative sniper rifle.

If you want to try out some different weapons in Warzone, check out our full list of best loadouts for every gun.

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