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Best M4A1 loadouts for Call of Duty: Warzone

Published: 27/Jun/2020 13:41 Updated: 5/Feb/2021 15:09

by Joe Craven


The M4A1 has been the dominant assault rifle in Modern Warfare since the game released, but it has recently taken a backseat in Warzone to the Grau 5.56. However, with a nerf being lined up for the latter, we take a look at the best ways to use the M4A1 in Verdansk. 

If you turn your attention to professional Call of Duty, one assault rifles dominates – the M4A1. Its moderate recoil and high fire rate are complemented by its incredible damage output, which has seen it cement itself as the go-to AR for nearly all players.

However, Warzone and Modern Warfare are very different, and the Grau’s lack of recoil has seen it become more favorable in Verdansk. Infinity Ward have confirmed a nerf is coming to Grau with Season 4’s mid-season update, meaning the M4A1 will probably come to rule Verdansk too.


Here are two powerful ways to run it, one designed for longer ranges and the other for players more confident of controlling its recoil.

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Best M4A1 Warzone loadout for long ranges

  • Monolithic Suppressor
  • Stock M16 Grenadier
  • G.I. Mini Reflex
  • Merc Foregrip
  • 50 round mags

First up, on this longer-range class, you’ll notice the Monolithic Suppressor and Stock M16 Grenadier. These will offer a significant boost to damage range, as well as stabilizing shots to a significant degree. The suppressor will also keep you off enemy mini maps.

Next up is the Merc Foregrip, which will augment your recoil control and maximize your efficiency in distant gunfights. This will be complemented by the 50 round mags, which enable you to take on multiple players simultaneously, without the need to stop and reload. Although you could use 60 round mags, the weight increase isn’t worth the extra 10 shots.


Finally, the G.I. Mini Reflex is one you can swap out for a different sight, if you prefer. We’re just recommending optics on this class because the M4A1’s iron sights aren’t ideal for long-range engagements.

Best M4A1 Warzone loadout for close ranges

  • Monolithic Suppressor
  • Corvus Custom Marksman
  • Commando Foregrip
  • 50 round mags
M4A1 in Modern Warfare Gunsmith

For this close to medium range class, the M4A1’s iron sights will be sufficient. We’d recommend running a sniper in the back pocket for this class, to ensure you can still challenge enemies at long ranges.

The Monolithic Suppressor and 50 round mags remain, for the aforementioned reasons. We’ve swapped out the Stock M16 Grenadier barrel for the Corvus Custom Marksman, because the latter still improves range and recoil, without the significant reduction in handling and mobility.

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The Commando Foregrip also stabilizes shots, without the penalties incurred by the Merc Foregrip. Finally, the FORGE TAC CQS speeds up ADS, enabling you to snap aim on enemies at shorter distances.

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That rounds off our best M4A1 classes to use in Warzone! Tweet us @DexertoIntel to let us know your setups.